How To Spot A Narcissist. Early Signs Of Narcissism ft. HG Tudor

Flirting Guides – FAQ

What is a flirting guide? A flirting guide is a guide that offers techniques that can help you in seduction, it can offer you an advantage. It is the equivalent of a guide for sales: it will make it more probable that you will get the ‘sale’.

Flirting Guide – What You Need to Know

“I have something to show you”, said Marc with a guilty look. He took a pack of badly looking papers and he put them on my desk with a proud smile. “Look at them”.

Fast Flirting – A Cautionary Tale That Will Convince You That Fast is Best

David met Mary through his colleagues at a cocktail party of a common friend and their initial contact had nothing of the drama that would follow. David was what you would call a one track guy. He was a hard worker that never really spent his time on improving himself on anything else. A quite tall fellow with beard that reminded you something between a captain and a good hearted giant.

Fast Flirting – An Art That is Not Only Fun But it Also Brings Results

I was nervous. I got into the elevator and took a long deep breath. “How, do I manage to get my self into such bets”, I said to myself and I threw a quick look at my mobile phone. The time was 22h43. I had lost one hour all ready, so I’d better perform. Three hours earlier I had put a bet with one of my pickup friends, George. Today it was fast flirting day and we had arranged that the first person that gets a kiss, also gets 50 euros. Being young and being broke meant that there were no margins for error. The words of my mentor surfaced at that moment: Choose your target wisely. Don’t go for the points, go for the kill.

How Do Scorpio Women Flirt? Unlock the Secrets of Her Body Language

The Scorpion is the most intense and passionate of all zodiacs. They are also the most extreme. There are no shades of gray. It’s either black or white. Day and night. Good and bad. They may be neutral but only with the things they feel indifferent to. That’s why it’s true that it can be a bit hard to detect what a Scorpio woman is thinking about.

Know How to Flirt – Men

Flirting can be quite a task for most men! It may sound funny, but many of my mates have a huge problem flirting with the right women and doing it properly! Here are some flirting tips for you to help you flirt effectively with women, and especially women who you don’t see on a regular basis, not all of us have the hots for our female friends!

How to Pick Up That Hot Girl and Learn to Approach Girls Now!

Who doesn’t want to be with beautiful women? They’re God’s best creation and men just can’t get enough of them. Some lucky men however seem to be able to worm their way into most beautiful women’s hearts and then you think hey, but that’s not fair, what has he got that I haven’t?

Fast Flirting – FAQ

Fast flirting is something that may come as a surprise for most men out there. Most men believe that in order to seduce pretty women one needs to spent a lot of time with them by taking them to multiple dates and trying to slow the time before he makes his move.

An Asian Pickup Artist Or Why Color Skin Doesn’t Count – Mad Dog Strategy

My first impression of Vin was that he was extremely humble. When I first meet somebody new, I always remark their first vibe, their aura and as they say: first impressions last. Vin was a self proclaimed ‘Asian pickup artist’ that my friends have been talking about. However, I was very skeptical whether someone so humble could be the bad boy that usually women want.

How to Approach a Woman – Increase Your Chances of Successfully Meeting Girls

You want to know how to approach a woman? Find out the tips and techniques that will have you picking up whenever you want to.

Modern Man – How to Be a Player and Win

Men for some reason seem to think that being a player is a goal to achieve. As if juggling several women is what they are looking for in the relationship world. If you are one of these men who want to be a player, keep reading.

Modern Man – Sweet Pick Up Lines That Work

Pick up lines are a dime a dozen and range from flirtatious and friendly to vulgar and creepy. There is a happy medium, and those are sweet pick up lines. These tend to provide the best results…

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