How to reject a boy

Wondering how to reject a guy? There’s nothing worse than having to disappoint someone when you really had no interest in the first place.

You’ve been there before. You’re sitting on the train alone or innocently waiting for a date, and a guy starts talking to you. Even before you opened your mouth, you felt his eyes on you, and your feminine intuition raised its head and said … “This guy is bad news …”.

So stay polite and try not to say too much in case you mistakenly get the impression that you care.

But you also try not to say it too small in case he is one of those men whose anger boils over when you refuse to pay attention to him. I think all women have had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with it a guy who comes too strong.

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As you try to balance your lack of attention with your gratitude, the tension rises and reaches the point of crisis where he says:

“So where do you go after that?”


“So, do you have a boyfriend?”

Or the dreaded …

“What is your number?”

How to reject a boy

If you’re lucky, you can go out with your old lady

“I have a boyfriend, I’m sorry.”

But sometimes, just sometimes, a more “intense” guy throws this at you:

“WHAT ?! I’m not good enough for you ??? !!”

Or proceed to chase you on your later walks.

Right now, your heart is racing and you feel a little vulnerable and maybe a little scared. I have witnessed this exact situation with other women as well as with myself. It is especially bad when a man is intoxicated.

What are you doing??!

How female, kind, affectionate, sensitive and compassionate women, we don’t want to start a fight with him, but neither do we interested in it.

So first is the first …

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Assess the severity of the situation first

Evaluate your situation first!

If the line “I have a boyfriend, I’m sorry” didn’t work, then you are likely to have a bigger problem on your hands.

There will be men who do not respect your femininity and vulnerability and who use their overwhelming masculinity to try to intimidate you into submitting to them or giving them the attention they want.

And if you look especially feminine, young / innocent, you are an open / kind and warm woman or you are particularly petite or delicate, it may even seem more the ideal target for men like this.

No wonder so many women refuse to smile and talk to men they have never met before. It can put us in a bit of trouble and men can take it badly!

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It’s hard for women because we don’t want to give the wrong impression to men by smiling at them; therefore, we give the impression that we are open to him, but we do not want to feel too bad.

Nor do we want to ignore men or look arrogant, snobbish, or despised.

So how do we do that achieve a good balance and achieve the result we want without harming a man’s ego or making him angry and feel more. month rejected?

First of all, it is necessary assess the situation you are in. You’re in some physique danger? If so, you need to think quickly and intelligently.

If there is no danger, then a simple comment like these It will be enough:

“I’m not interested in going out right now.”


“I am studying two courses and I have three jobs and I am too busy to go out. Thanks, though, I’m flattered. ”

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Here are some other ideas for you on how to reject a guy. If your boy is especially fat and doesn’t “take the lead”, choose the less subtle options.

# 1: Ask an acquaintance or friend for help

If you’re around friends or other people, ask a strong friend for help (or take a close look at the nearest gentleman) and ask them to help you. I could say something sensible like:

“Hi mate, she’s taken.”


“If you keep harassing my wife, you’ll deal with me.”

Show your vulnerability to another man of closeness and appeal to his sense of protection and inclination to help the damsel in distress.

# 2: Give it some meaning and cut it out

This works well if you are a little afraid of your safety (due to the possibility of him not taking the track and not stopping). The idea is not to “activate” your anger or already fragile self-esteem that you may have already felt.

Instead, first remove your defenses by giving some kind of validation or positive feedback.

(But under the flattering comment, you know you don’t intend to contact him yet).

Here is an example. You will notice that the first sentence aims to eliminate their defenses:

“Hey, he looks like a nice guy. But my mom is terminally ill and right now in the hospital, she really needs me to visit her every day, but I’m getting late and I have to go right away.”

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Num. 3: A cheeky twist on the “I have a boyfriend” card.

So the easiest way to play this card is to say you have a boyfriend (obviously).

But you can also try to say something like:

“Did you hear that ??!”

”.” Oh, it’s my phone, I think it must be my boyfriend calling! ”

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Nothing says “no” like silence. So don’t be afraid to use it!

Silence says a lot without you having to say anything. It is low risk and high reward.

Unless you’re obsessed and don’t stop chasing or chasing you.

In this case, I suggest you try suggestion number 5 …

# 5: Tell Him THIS …

Men, of course, are afraid of being beaten and killed if they run the risk of poaching another man’s wife … that’s why you’ll see that men are more reluctant than women to try to pick up someone who belongs to someone. other.

(Women tend to feel more entitled to another woman’s man even if he is married, as this type of violence does not occur as much among women).

However, as I mentioned, the same is not true of the male species. There are different rules between men in the world, because if they try to “steal” another person’s girlfriend or wife and the boy finds out, he could end up in a deadly fight.

In the animal kingdom, this is pretty much the case. And the same with the human kingdom, only less so in this modern age where we have tacit rules against this violence.

However, many men are in jail right now for mutilating or killing another man to cut his grass.

So use it to your advantage and if you feel too strong or don’t accept a no in response, tell them:

“My boyfriend will chase you.”

Or if you feel threatened and really want to raise it one level …

“My boyfriend will hit you / kill you.”

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# 6: Use the rejection hotline number for your country

Yes. There are lines of rejection (numbers) that you can give to a creepy guy to make him leave.

What is a rejection hotline?

A hotline is a number that you can call and the city will politely or rudely reject you.

But beware: if you use one of these rejection hotline numbers, this guy will never see you the same again, so make sure you don’t want or need him again in the future.

Here are some hotline numbers.

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More tips ….

However, always remember to assess the situation first. Some men are not stable, and if you sense violence, it is best to get rid of that anger first (use point 2) to save yourself.

With some unbalanced and aggressive guys, if you get angry or cut off aggressively or reject him and criticize him, that could make him more angry.

It is important to remember that in a difficult situation like this, where an egocentric man uses his masculinity for the worse, normal ways of dealing with men may not apply.

There are some men who will play with your vulnerability and the more vulnerable they seem, the worse they will get.

If you’re with a girlfriend, you can take a look at her to help you. I have a very intelligent, witty, quick-thinking girl who used to get us out of a situation like this by holding my hand and immediately leaving with me. This was blatant and abrupt, but effective in the circumstances.

Always be sure

Above all, remember to always be safe. If you are being aggressive and alone, make sure you are aware of the situation so as not to increase the situation.

He proves that he will not take advantage of you by stating firmly that you no longer want to be bothered and that if he continues he will call your brother, use your pepper spray or call the police.

Ultimately, every situation will be different, but knowing your outcome and staying strong helps.

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Do you have any suggestions on how women can cope with unwanted care? What do you do when you need to reject a boy? Do you have a good story to share with us that we can all learn from?

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