How to Pop Online

How to pop online: Your photo is everything

Men are visual creatures. When scanning women’s profiles online, they are sorted by photos. So you want to learn exactly how to pop online.

According to, men are fourteen times more likely to look at a profile that has a photo. They can’t help it: this visual exploration behavior is based on their biology. When men look at the faces of beautiful women, the part of the brain associated with dopamine, the overly powerful chemical of love love really increases in activity.

Men, consciously and unconsciously, choose beauty because it gives them a better chance to reproduce healthily. Pretty women tend to be healthier women with the right amount of estrogen. I know this may offend you, but you can’t fight biology.

However, you can make it work in your favor. First of all, you need to dedicate time and energy to getting your best photo for your profile. You want a good picture of none of you, with no one else in the picture.

If you’re thinking, I’m not exactly Angelina Jolie; there are my chances, think about all those image changes you’ve seen in magazines and TV shows. Everyone is beautiful, but you need a team. You need to find the right look for your hair and make-up. Find some professionals who know how to pop online. And after reading this blog, be sure to enjoy the short video on how to pop online.

How to pop online: Create your own look

Optimize your hair and make-up or do it yourself to make it look and feel better. Most men like soft, long, tactile hair and makeup that is not too obvious or exaggerated. Enjoy getting an up-to-date haircut from a fashion show. Get your makeup for free in high-end department stores. (You don’t need to buy your high-priced products; duplicate the colors with pharmacy brands if your budget fits.) Make sure you are surprised and happy with how good you look.

It doesn’t matter if you have A or DD cups, buy or find a flattering top that has an open neckline. You want to show skin up there, though not too much. And get RED. Remember that if you want to know how to pop online, men love red women. You want to look beautiful, with a touch of sexy, as men like a touch of sexuality in a serious couple. However, avoid looking horny.

How to pop online: Take a picture

Have a friend who is a fabulous photographer take more than a hundred pictures in your head to find one that is so good that it will surprise you. Make sure you take at least a hundred; even if it seems like a lot, the whole process will overwhelm you with the hump of restraining yourself or being shy in front of the camera. You can also have your photo taken by a professional photographer who knows how to interact in a playful way and help make your subject real. If you do this route, make sure your photo looks casual.

If you have trouble loosening up, deliberately take some “bad” photos where you’re too serious or silly. This technique, used by professional models to warm up for a shoot, will put you in game mode and ensure that you go online.

How to pop online: Make your photo warm and welcoming

As you look at the camera, think about your love intention, something like a warm, loving life partner gives me. Or imagine that a man you really love is making you the biggest compliment! Think of something that will make your eyes shine and make you smile. Men find women who make eye contact and smile in photos more beautiful. For example, in an app, a smile increases your chances of sliding to the right by 14%. Finally, try to increase the contrast to make you pop online.

Take a second or third photo that shows you in your element, either on top of a mountain or with your beloved dog. Again, don’t include photos with other people.
Take some full-length photos that will enhance your figure. Experimentally add the best to your profile to see how it affects your answers.

How to Pop Online: I’ll write your profile online

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