How to make a boy love you

Okay, let’s be clear … If you want to make a boy want to YOU, you have to show great value. This is called “DHV“in terms of relationship.

Balance1 How to make a boy want you 3 tips ...

Do you feel balanced?

DHV = Ddemonstrate High Valuer

Let me explain …
There is an act of balancing to get a man to feel attraction. He month he thinks he has beaten you all, the less interest it will have. (To be fair, the same thing happens to you when you find a guy who interests you too much.)

It is a natural reaction to avoid the people we think need us more than we need.

It comes from a part of you that wants to know who this man is FORT. You need to know that it is able to keep you safe if the chips are falling.

Unfortunately, the culture of today’s world seems to continue to lean toward women believing they don’t need men.

Women DO they need men …

I men need women …!

But we need each other for different things at different times. So let’s get to the “I can do it all” act so a man can feel like he can fit into your life.

No, don’t act weak. Act complacent.

But no TOO cozy …

Do you see what I mean? It is a act of balancing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll fix this here, as we go along:

How To Make A Boy Love You – 3 Tips …

TIP 1 – Make him love you like nothing else: love your life …

That’s probably one of the most overworked tips you’ve ever heard, right?

  • “Be happy first with your own skin …”
  • “Love yourself and it will show up!”
  • “Live your own life first …”

Blah, blah, blah …

Don’t feel like slapping them when you hear it?

Well, it is truth – But we need a little explanation …

First of all, what many of these sayings mean is that you don’t want to settle into someone else’s life just because you’re not happy with your own life. If you do, you will continue to encounter the same problems over and over again.

You must first get rid of your own neurotic baggage.

baggage1 How to make a guy want you 3 tips ...

Let it go.

What many young couples don’t realize is this they often try to avoid it themselves when they enter into a relationship. We blame the other person instead of stopping after a breakup and making an honest inventory of what our contribution was to the problems.

Of course, we could blame women for everything. “needed“but this will not help you get the results you want.”

Just get to work on the rough edges you know appear in your relationships. It’s not too hard when you sit down and make a quick list of the areas you know are a problem.

List example:

  • – Gets jealous easily
  • – I don’t like being criticized for my taste in cinema
  • – I’m late …

Not bad as a starting point, and I’m sure we can all relate.

So what you do is choose the former as a real obstacle to your past relationships. You know you act when you feel jealous.

Roadblock1 How to make a guy want you 3 tips ...

How do you overcome your challenges?

What are you doing

Start with diary little bit. Write how this weak habit or area of ​​your character has affected your relationships in the past.

  • When do you usually feel jealous?
  • What do you end up feeling when you’re jealous?
  • What insecurities are you targeting?
  • How can you write something to remind yourself that you have to be great when it happens?

Believe it or not, this is the simplified process of what they call Cognitive Based Therapy – one of the more effective ways to overcome inner obstacles. And the beauty is that this is something you can do yourself

Without paying a therapist $ 100 an hour, or more, to do it with you.

TIP 2 – Make him love you like nothing else: be the prize …

I mentioned earlier how a man needs you DHV.

Demonstrate a higher value.

Let me clarify and expand a little …

When I tell you you need “demonstrate a higher value“will sound a little mercenary and not much … well, not much loving.

But here’s the honest truth I have to tell you:

(WARNING: Science Forward!)

We are all attracted to people who we believe have a higher social and social status “value” than us. Humans learned this over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

Status1 How to make a boy want you 3 tips ...

How are you giving value?

After all, if you want to survive in a small tribe of about 150 humans, you have to have your social alliances. FORT. This has been the way of life of people for thousands of years.

Hey, humans were pretty ruthless, but we did pretty well.

So we developed a natural desire to associate and bond with people we feel are strong and will help us survive.

Okay, the scientific break is over.

What this means for you is that if all else fails, a man will choose the woman he thinks is best. PRIZE.

Men seek status through higher quality colleagues.

Yes, just like women do. (For women only, a man’s status is much more important. But we’ll get into that again.)

Caveman1 How to make a guy want you 3 tips ...

How do you choose?

So you have to prove to him that you are Dona Alfa of the tribe.

It really comes down to this:

How would you behave if you knew you were the Prize winner?

What would be your attitude and confidence?

How did you die?

To talk?


This is the mindset that needs to be addressed right now.

Not later! Act out the role you want to play MINUTESand no “someday. “

It is a self-perpetuating cycle. You think you’re worthy, and you start acting … which makes others believe you and start treating you better. And your confidence increases, and it’s an upward spiral …

TIP 3 – Make your husband wish you didn’t like anything else: unleash his fantasies …

This is the magic ingredient in getting a guy to love you and fall in love with you.

It’s probably no secret to you that if you can get a guy to just think about you and wake up with you when you’re not there, he’ll fall in love with you.

The weird thing about love and falling in love is that it happens especially when you’re not there!

Think about it…

When we’re not with someone, we are DESIRING we were. This tension in your mind creates a kind of crystallizing effect on our emotions. He makes them MONTH alive and intense.

Here’s the really amazing part: your brain even works with your emotions WHILE SLEEPING!

dreaming1 How to make a guy want you 3 tips ...

Be the woman of your dreams.

It has long been accepted that your unconscious mind works on problems and processes things while you are not aware of them. This is doubly true while we sleep, where our dreams solve our emotional discomfort …

Think about it, wouldn’t it be great if you could? activate your subconscious to unite their love with you?

All you need is to know make him think about you…

And you just have to know what words to use to get it fascinated with you.

I call these words “Passion phrases. “

Just casually insert these passionate phrases into the conversation with him, either when you’re with him or in one of your texts …

The moment the words enter his mind, he will start telling you all about how much he flight you and needs you

No matter how far away you are from him …

He will reveal how he feels “out of control“around you …

Unable to resist the primordial masculine power you awaken in him

You see, for too long therapists and psychologists have been pointing the finger of guilt YOU.

Tell yourself that your relationship problems are bad YOU …

Some unresolved trauma yours childhood: blaming it on “trauma” or a “dysfunctional” family …

FINALLY – a recent discovery has finally exposed – Beyond a shadow of a doubt …

– He Real reason why men walk away of a devoted couple in a love affair

And his no it’s your fault …!

I created a free quick presentation for you: CLICK HERE to find out why he walks away and the secret trick to make him fall in love with you USE ONLY WORDS ….

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