How to know if it is in you

You’ve met a guy and you want to know if you like him or not. That looks like as if he wanted you, but you’re not entirely sure.

Will you flirt again? Or is he just kind?

Before you start analyzing and having this endless conversation about what you did or didn’t do, and if it took 3 or 4.5 seconds to respond to this text …

Here it is REAL signs that he is really inside you:

It’s in you if he … looks you in the eye

They say, “eyes are the window to your soul” and that’s true. So, the next time you’re with him, pay attention his eyes.

Watch it when you are together. Check if yours stare he goes to you regularly.

Above all, watch out for the moments when it is checking you out when you think you don’t realize it.

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When you make eye contact, combine it with him, as if he had an instant emotion in his eyes …

When you see that you keep the connection, you will most likely like it.

He could be in you if he … pays more attention to you.

Notice how it looks extra attentive to your needs?

For example, fill the glass with water when it is empty. O grabbing your arm you when you walk, making sure you don’t slip or fall …

48 How to know if you like it

Or even just take off your chair and be chivalrous around.

If you get caught doing these things, then there are some indications of interest for its part.

Remember that you only need to pay attention to what you are actually DOING and NOT what you are NOT saying.

If you are listening carefully to what you have to say, this is a pretty strong indication. And ask questions to get to the bottom of who you are and what you like?

This is his way related to you.

And if she shares her experiences, her thoughts, especially her feelings, she is definitely on you.

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You see, it’s not easy for men to show their emotions. So if he does it with you, then he sees you as a very special person and he TRUST YOU.

He cares if … number 4: find ways to touch you.

Subtle touches is what you should be looking for. You will find him constantly posing in one position touching you, like touching your ear to congratulate the earrings.

Or putting your arm around you to protect you from the cold. Little “necessary” ways to subtly find an excuse to touch you.

He is curious about you if … he is always ready to help you.

Problems with the car? He is there to fix it.

Need help with your home? He is your guard.

Whatever you need, he is always there to help. He is like your knight in shining armor, ready to save you from any anguish.

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If he is doing these things to you, he is doing what men do to show his interest and devotion.

Unfortunately, many women do not recognize this peculiar “language of love” that men have, and often misunderstand it.

Guys really are simple human beings. They are easy to understand.

Remember that the way to see who a person really is is to often see what he is unable to say. Men hardly ever verbalize love and affection, for the simple reason that A) is not good for it, and B) its nature is to SHOW its affections instead of describing them.

So always be willing to understand this just because it is expressed in a way that is not your own style it doesn’t it means the proof you want is not there.

And if you want to know how to read his signals, watch this video that will reveal the secrets of what he is really saying …

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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