How to instantly connect with a guy

There are easy ways to instantly connect with a guy.

Most of the time, the pressure is that the man approaches a woman if he pleases. But what if you first saw it, and are you do you want to start a conversation?

On the surface, it could be seem difficult to turn around the usual scenario by starting the conversation However of him. For some women, they feel the need to restrain themselves because of the perception that boys should be the ones to roll the ball.

Then there are women who are simply shy. They are petrified by the idea of ​​approaching a stranger, they fear that they may have a cold shoulder.

Whatever it is, there’s a lot going on if on the horizon, which makes it hard to cross that line and make a leap of faith.

But when you think about it for a second and dig a little deeper deeperyou’ll find that it’s not really about who takes the first step.

The important thing is that one of you sets things in motion (and in this case, that person is you) and then let the other person do it for you.

It’s like a tennis match: as long as someone does the initial service, it is the game begins!

CONNECTION PROBLEM: Well, here you are, looking at him, but you have nothing to say.

No problem.

Look around you; there is something in your immediate environment remarkable talk about.

Guys do that all the time – starting the conversation this way is more casual and it doesn’t look like it forced. For example, a friend of mine met his girlfriend on the subway after seeing one of those crazy travelers doing weird things.

He said: “Of course, this guy just had to carry his laptop and watch ‘Adventure Time’ at full speed for everyone to hear … personally, I’m kind of Looney Tunes, but for everyone his , I suppose”.

He made her laugh and ended up getting her number before she got off at her stop.

Random things happen all the time, so use them as material and run with him!

Here’s another natural way to connect with him – give him accessories for something great to wear, read, or do.

Another friend of mine was at a concert and a girl teased him about the T-shirt he was wearing: “My T-shirt was named after a dark band, and she asked in a funny way, ‘Oh, it’s these guys. . yet around?’ We had a fun discussion about music after that, and we’re currently going out. “

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So ladies, don’t be afraid to inject little humor to your initial compliance if the opportunity arises. Guys are more likely to open up if you notice something about them (like now validating your fashion choices) And have a little fun at the same time.

In fact, men love a mental challenge.

Pushing the envelope a little by breaking her ribs and giving her a bad time tells her that you are different from the other girls she has met.

And honestly, I can tell you that any man would be Pleasantly surprised if a girl started a conversation with him in the first place. That’s why you should abandon all of these distract thoughts in your head and right Do it.

They might take it, too much chicken to respond to or just not so kind, it doesn’t matter.

The less you care about the outcome, the more you will enjoy the hurry you have to take the first step to connect with it.

And if it is a long term connection you are looking for, you will want to learn about yours Connection style.

It’s still simple powerful secret not only to create attraction, but also to make him fall in love with you.

He won’t know what hit him … see this for more information

Yours in Perfect Passion,

Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/28/2021

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