How to Help a Broken Heart | Getting Over a Guy

Build Your Confidence

Breakups do a number on your confidence. One or both of you may be placing the blame of the breakup on you, but a breakup is never about just one person!

Take some time to listen to your own self-talk and make improvements. Note where you’re talking down to yourself and then ask, what would I say to my best friend? That’s what you should say to yourself too. We’re always a lot harder on ourselves than we are on others.

Get out there and take some risks. Do something that scares the heck out of you. Try something new! These types of activities also help to build your confidence.

Get Back in the Game ASAP

This one is hard I know. But to help a broken heart, you need to displace him too. Once your confidence is on the rise, work on getting your profile up online. Look at potential guys and read their profiles. Maybe go to a wine tasting or a charity event with a friend.

Then, ease into dating a bit. At first you will compare every guy to John and that’s okay. Just remind yourself of all the things you wrote on your list – the things that annoy you about your ex.

How to Help a Broken Heart with a Journal

Writing helps you process your grief and work through your pain. Write everyday about what happened and why. Write how you are feeling and what you can do better in the future. Let the words flow naturally and see where they take you. Surprising revelations can come from allowing your thoughts and feelings to come out in a journal.

Don’t be critical of yourself and don’t blame yourself. You’ll find your feelings will gyrate up and down. You’ll go through the nine stages of grieving.

Soon, you will feel better, but keep journaling and start setting goals for the future. What will your next man look like? How will he act? Where will you meet him. This sets the stage for your bright future!

Laugh and Dance

This is my personal cure! I have made a pact with myself to get crazy when I’m down and out. I crank my favorite tunes and dance around my living room. Then I laugh. I don’t want to hear music and I don’t want to dance but I make myself. It’s a game changer. It works every time.

Work Out as Hard as You Can

Another favorite of mine is to get in a good workout. Get angry during your workout. Go to CrossFit. Run on the beach. Bet the crap out of a punching bag with John’s face pinned to it. This produces something called a runner’s high as it sends chemicals coursing through your body. These chemicals, or endorphins, make you feel good.

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