How to handle a hot and cold guy

How to handle a hot and cold guy

You may feel that you have known your soul mate. However, he disappeared shortly afterwards. Have you met anyone else? Why is it hot and cold? Why am I a ghost? You ask, is it me? Is it him? In this episode of asking Dr. Diana, a reader asks the same question, “How do you handle a hot, cold guy?” Watch the video below, but first let’s explore the mind of a cold, hot guy.

How to Handle a Hot and Cold Boy: Understand Your Fears

Thankfully, I’ve worked for over 35 years as a psychologist, clinical supervisor of therapists, and as a Love Mentor® and I’ve heard almost every problem that hot, cold boys have! I have spent thousands of hours in the trenches listening to these men as they have fully opened up and explored their deepest problems, issues, needs, and fears. Those private moments have given me a unique window to understand the fears of cold, hot boys about maturity, commitment, dating, or starting a family. If you want to learn more about the dating games that hot and cold guys play, grab a copy Love in 90 days.

The good news is that they, like us, mostly want true love, even a soul mate. Deep down they realize they would be happier, happier and more sexually satisfied. Only if they were in a good relationship. The bad news: they’re scared too. So they often distance themselves from real intimacy or commitment. These men equated dating with fun, sex, and feeling good. Unfortunately, they were also equipped commitment with great responsibilities, a sexless life and a boring existence. They see a life full of endless tasks like taking out the trash, being a driver and changing diapers.

How to handle a hot and cold guy: the fear of annihilation

In fact, many men fear being lost in a relationship that consumes them all. Because they will lose their individuality and identity. In this drama, they are seen leading a terrible life of providing, supplying and giving more. It ends with a quiet heart attack in the suburbs. They also fear that they simply cannot handle a woman’s emotional baggage. Or that they are not equipped to make a woman happy. These fears present themselves in various ways that lead him to become a hot and cold guy.

That’s why going out and learning how to handle a cold, hot guy can be so confusing and frustrating. So if you’ve been left with the handling of a hot and cold guy or someone running away, remember to sign up for a free dating training session with one of my experts on this page. It can change your life.

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