How to get their attention without being obvious … or needy!

It seems like the hardest part is knowing how to get your attention, without being obvious or needing it.

And if you’re not the type of woman who is open about her sexual drive or who is always worried about what others might say when you openly flirt with the guy you like –

Well, attracting the man you want can be a challenge.

You don’t like to be thought of as “aggressive,” needy, or too desperate … anyone, especially HE!

% name How to get your attention without being obvious ... or needing!

There are subtle ways to attract the man you want to you … all you need to do is consider the following …

How to get their attention – Secret no. 1: Come in with a strong sense of self.

Be who you are, be yours TRUTH passions in life: what you like.

It could be sports, charity, movies … just about anything that gives you a glimpse of WHO YOU TRUE ARE.

Remember, when you are not shy o self-aware about your interests, show him the confidence you have …

% name How to get your attention without being obvious ... or needing!

That you are an independent woman, that you have your own life, an interesting LIFE when you are far about him

And that will do it wonder what it’s like to be with you … It attracts you with the value you bring to the table.

How to get their attention – Secret no. 2: Have a smart conversation with him

Most women lower his intellectual level in conversations with a man who thinks that, in doing so, he will not find it a threat or perceive it as too well known or too bossy.


You don’t have to lower your value just to be attracted to yourself. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Remember that the first interaction you have with him will probably be base of your relationship in the future.

So, if you cheat on who thinks you’re just a weak, dumb girl, then she’ll always treat yourself like one. And you don’t need a man like that … all you need is a man to do it respect yourself for who you are, who will adore you and complement you.

So when you see the man you like … pull him towards you by asking questions that will make him think. It could be current events, it could be “Where would you be right now if you could travel ANYWHERE” … anything that involves ideas and points of view that you can discuss …together.

How to get his attention – Secret # 3: Flirt with him … subtly.

You noI don’t have to be on top of him just to prove you’re flirting with him. You can do it subtle actions this will make you wonder …

Remember that unforgettable scene from the movie Basic instinct where was Sharon Stone sitting in a chair? She he held his gaze with Michael Douglas and provocatively crossed and crossed his legs again …

% name How to get your attention without being obvious ... or needing!

It was so powerful that most people who saw the movie heard it too.

She did not speak. She really didn’t do anything …

Now, of course, I want you to do it save your underwear turned on! But you can have the same effect about a man with your eyes alone.

When he looks at you, he looks you in the eye … he counts for 2 seconds, he smiles, then look the other way. Go back to what you are doing.

This will make him think of you … and open the door for him to approach you.

Just be warm, welcoming, open and ALWAYS SMILE. Be kind and he will start doing it wonder what it is like to be with you.

Remember, the only thing you don’t want me to think about is that your life would be miserable with you, or even yourself. You want me to do it feeling well and see that your life would be a lot more fun with you around.

This is what draws us to people and unites us romantically! It is the promise of a A better life with that person.

We fall in love with people because they make us feel better about ourselves.

So relax, just have fun and leave it all your negative luggage behind. Participate and participate in life.

In a very short time, you will attract the guy you like … or any guy you want, really.

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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