How To Break The Ice In Online Dating

What’s more nervous than making contact with a dating app? Starting a conversation is difficult enough, let alone keeping the conversation going. If only someone could give you some tips on how to break the ice when contacting someone at an online dating site. Well, you’re in luck. Here are some safe tips to get rid of the stress of these early interactions and make it much more likely that you will get a response.

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Do your research

People who take online dating seriously fill out their profiles. This means that they will have several images, but it also means that they will tell you about themselves in the text. Read it! You will get to know their hobbies, their jobs, their pets.

If they show a particular holiday destination in one of their photos, ask them what they thought. In other words, your profile is a treasure trove of information. Use it to start a conversation that shows that you are interested in the person and not just because you think they are handsome.

Fill out your profile completely

You should also take your profile seriously. No matter how beautiful you are, the pictures are not enough. Dating is not a competition, but overcoming your inbox is, and the first step is to create a profile that makes them interested enough to respond.

You want to share information about yourself and who you are looking for. Don’t waste the text with the filler text they see on the profile of others. “I’ll fill it later” won’t cut it. Similarly, “I hate being here” or “Just checking this out” makes it seem like you’re not invested enough in the process to bother answering. We’re all checking this out and most of us prefer a nice date, but online dating is also a great and effective way to meet people, if you can get an answer.

Focus on your hobbies, school, or even tell a short story about something exciting or fun that has happened to you lately. Prove that you are a person with a full and fun life. No need to exaggerate or invent, but give someone a decent idea of ​​how you like to spend your time.

Create a perfect first message

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, take out what you put on! Make an honest effort to receive a good greeting and you are much more likely to be treated the same way. It’s very, very common for people to send messages that just say “hello” or, worse, “hey.”

These two words are definitive (read our guide to first message errors for more information). After a while, all these “heys” turn into white noise and are likely to be overlooked. A “hey” message won’t even motivate a person to look at your profile.

It’s becoming more and more common for apps to set a time limit for conversations, either after a match or after the first message. You may be tempted to send one of these one-word messages just to tag and make sure you can start the conversation, but it just makes you look lazy or like you’re playing the numbers game. Taking a few minutes to receive the first message is correct will give you a chance.

Take a look at what you’ve learned by reading your profile to see what you’re likely to get the best answer. Look for things you have in common and open with one of them. Like the same types of movies? Ask them what they thought of a particular movie, especially if it was one that had divided people. Ask open-ended questions that go beyond yes or no or another one-word answer. We have more examples of messages if you need additional help.

While you tin compliment their appearance, which can be counterproductive. Because the first thing a person sees is an image, it’s true that at least they feel a little physically attracted to it, and leading with something physical can send the message that it doesn’t take you seriously to get to know them.

Plus, it’s more complicated than you think. Congratulating on something with a very sexual connotation, such as legs or chest, can make you look creepy.

But on the other side of the coin, congratulating someone’s eyes is so common that to be honest, it might seem like a cliché. Distinguish yourself and participate on a significant level. You will both enjoy the conversation more if you start from this point of view.

Do you still need some advice? Check out our guide on how to write a great first message.

Nail the follow-up conversation

So they responded. What next? Conversing with a new person can be awkward, especially when neither of them has body language or tone of voice to give you clues as to what works and what doesn’t.

Keep open-ended questions and try to balance them with your own thoughts on the topics; it doesn’t have to look like an inquisition. Similarly, if they keep responding but don’t seem to want to talk about a particular topic, move on to something else in their profile.

Hopefully this second issue will roll, but if the second answer doesn’t get anywhere, it’s time to take a step back. If they respond again, feel free to continue. If not, take the plunge and move on.

If you decide to make a joke, keep things light and harmless. Never make fun of them or their appearance. Regardless of what you’ve been told, denial isn’t great and won’t earn you points in the long run, even if you have an initial response.

Similarly, jokes at the expense of another person can be counterproductive and make you look bitter and cynical. Not a good way to start. In other words, if you’re not sure the joke is coming, don’t take any chances.

Above all, be genuine. This is something that will absolutely shine, even without body language to bring the feeling home. No matter how tired you are of hearing “be yourself”, it’s really the best course of action to find the best partner when you have online dating.

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