How to attract her again after losing interest

Written by men’s dating coach Gary Gunn, founder of Social Attraction

This article will show you how to attract her again after she has lost interest. I will also explain why this woman has lost interest in you in the first place, as this is crucial to regaining her attention.

Included here:

  • Understand why you lost your attraction (the truth)
  • How to overcome rejection (fast)
  • Ways to regain control of your life (and earn)

Above all, this article will show you what steps you can take to attract a woman back into your life. In addition, by following these steps, you will also find that you will become a more successful and attractive person who has their life in order.

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What causes a girl to lose interest?

There is basically a reason why a girl loses interest in a relationship. She’s lost interest because you’ve changed your behavior from when you first met her (when she found you attractive) to how you’re acting around her now. That is why he has lost interest.

I’ve been training for 12 years in the dating industry – coaching single men to get into relationships, after a divorce, or having recently been single. I’ve been training long enough to see what happens as men move forward over the years.

Interestingly, I am also in a position where the clients I trained a few years ago have returned to me for more training. They are looking for my help because their relationship has ended or because things have gone wrong and they want to attract a woman back into their lives.

Prioritizing it too much

This is what usually happens when boys first meet a girl they like. They will start dating her. They will spend too many times a day with her, maybe up to five days a week. One consequence of this is that they do not train as much in the gym. Nor do they spend so much time with their friends.

All the things they used to do that were attractive to a woman, such as being in good physical condition, having their own interests, and spending time with other people, stop doing in the childhood of the relationship.

Operating in this way, however, establishes and creates habits from the beginning that do not favor a healthy long-term relationship, as it is unrealistic to spend so much time with a long-term woman. Still, we free up our time because we are getting self-validation and sex at the beginning of a relationship. Our mindset is that we like this woman. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Healthy limits

However, giving up all our time is detrimental to every other element of our lives. And besides, that lust or that initial phase of a relationship doesn’t last long. It cannot survive because this energy will naturally decrease over time. Therefore, it is important to maintain groups of friendship and interests, as these elements are part of the fabric of your character.

To learn more about creating healthy boundaries in your dating life, I recommend reading my article on healthy boundaries with women. Reading this will also educate you on why having personal boundaries conveys attractive qualities to the women you know. You can find a snapshot of some of the points in the following infographic:

3 Ways to Incorporate Healthy Limits into Your Dating Life

What to do if a girl loses interest?

If a girl is losing interest in you, there are some things under your immediate control that will help you attract her back.

Consider the following scenario to make this a reality. You’ve been in a relationship; either you’re dating a girl or you’re married. Whatever it is, it’s losing interest. Maybe he’s further away from you. Maybe he’s broken up with you, or you think he’s about to.

How to attract her again

One immediate thing you can do to rekindle your interest is to join a gym and lift weights. As soon as you start lifting weights, you will release more testosterone. You will become stronger physically and, most importantly, you will feel stronger mentally.

You will feel less affected by your emotions and that feeling of rejection that drives you away. Plus, you’ll be getting more attractive to other women. This attraction works just as well with the woman you’re dating. Therefore, if you are getting older physically or if you want to attract her back to your life, joining a gym and being more interested in you will help.

Being in better physical shape is also related to hypergamy. Hypergamy is the practice of women who aspire to go out, either in genetics or in socioeconomic status. And so, as you get older and physically fit, you will be more attractive to most women. To learn more about the biology of sexual attraction, check out my infographic below. You can also read my article on how to make a woman sexually love you to know these principles.

Three ways to make you more sexually attractive to women

How can I get your attention back?

Another vital element to regaining a woman’s attention is to put your own life in order. Take a moment to consider the following questions:

  • Do you have a clear progression in your life?
  • Are you working on your goals?
  • Is there growth in all areas?
  • Reading more?
  • Train more?
  • Do more in the day to day?
  • Are you living a good lifestyle?

Taking stock of these factors will influence you to become such an attractive guy that you will be less concerned about attracting a woman again because you will find that a larger number of women are now interested in you.

Look inside

You may have fallen into the scarcity mentality of wanting to get this girl back at any cost. Having this mentality makes you fall into a needy and difficult behavior. These behaviors include sending too many text messages, being too available and too pleasant, and neglecting other people and interests in your life.

However, if you calm down and focus on yourself, you will find that your development of life becomes more critical and your relationship less critical. In fact, having a fuller view of your life makes you even more attractive, not just to your ex or partner, but to all the women you know. Expanding your thinking in this way is how you can create extraordinary results: stop trying, stop worrying about this aspect, and instead look inward to improve yourself and improve your quality of life. .

Below I have included a useful infographic that further describes this mindset. To learn more about this long-term dating strategy and personal growth, read my article on how to attract women.

Five Ways to Attract Women to Long-Term Brides

How do you recover a girl who has lost interest in you?

Another action that will make a noticeable difference when it comes to re-attracting a girl who has lost interest in you is to follow the NoFap approach. NoFap essentially means abstaining from sex and masturbation for a period of time to channel your energy and improve your life.

Taking this approach keeps all your testosterone in your system; therefore, you will be able to train more and concentrate more. You will have a lot more energy and as a result it will be more attractive to the girl you are trying to attract again. Why not decide to do NoFap for 30 days and see the results for yourself?

No Fapping

If I had to give a feature that distinguishes an attractive man from an unattractive man, it is this: the attractive man does not need as much sex as the unattractive man. The unattractive guy will put more effort into his approach to attracting and maintaining a woman’s interest because he wants sex.

On the other hand, if you do not follow any fap and learn to channel your sexual impulses, you will be less strenuous and less reactive with women in general. NoFapping has the effect of attracting women to your world. In addition, your relationship will be more balanced, which is an attractive quality. Click on the link below to watch my video on NoFapping for more information.

Personal growth

In conclusion, to be more attractive to all women, not just your ex-girlfriend, here are the basics:

  • You want to get into the gym and lift weights
  • Aspire to look at the design of your life
  • Consider doing NoFap

Incorporating NoFap and weight training into your life is phenomenal for becoming an attractive guy with absolute confidence.

And as you examine your life design, think about what you are doing on a day-to-day basis. Is there a professional evolution? Are you developing your life in some way? It’s important to note that here you have the potential to build a latent part of your life, something you’ve always wanted to do and haven’t done before or may have been too scared to try.

Now you may be wondering why I am giving a lecture on these points when all you want is to talk to your ex-girlfriend? You might even think: I just need to talk to her and clean the air. I need to fix it. Well, no, you don’t. Forcing this kind of conversation is the worst thing you can do.

Next steps

Instead, take immediate control of your life. Focus on yourself and put your life in order. Work to succeed and feel successful. And what will happen is that you will start attracting this woman into your life. He will contact you again because he basically wants to be with someone who is going somewhere and has direction.

If you want better dating results but haven’t booked a consultation call with me, I understand your question. It may be easy to watch a YouTube channel or read an article, but it’s harder to act in person. Still, why not take that risk? Social attraction coaching can help you find and build a healthy long-term relationship. To learn more about our coaching, visit our trusted courses page and see what immediate and positive changes you can make to your life as a couple.

As a final point here, if you want more tips on how to attract an ex-girlfriend, check out my infographic below, where I give you five handy ways to help. You can also read my corresponding article on how to get your ex-girlfriend back, where I go into more detail on each of these five points.

5 invaluable ways to develop and be with your ex-girlfriend again


  • Take immediate control of your life.
  • Work out with weights to generate more testosterone.
  • Embrace a NoFapping lifestyle.

Your path to successful dating

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