How NOT to scare men if you are a successful woman

If you’re a successful woman, you probably don’t want to scare men.

And more horse!

You are one realized woman, powerful, a leader in your workplace. You are financially independent, accustomed to taking control at all times and you always manage to do things your way.

You have everything … except love.

You’re like Julia Roberts in the movie Notting Hill where she said these lines to Hugh Grant: “I’m also a girl, in front of a boy, asking him to love her. “

% name How NOT to scare men if you are a successful woman

Have a date … Meet different men.

But no one seemed to go after you and would not commit to you.

You ask, “Am I doing something wrong?”

Here are some tips on how NOT to scare men …

How not to scare him – Tip no. 1: Don’t try to manage it.

Men want to hear respected by a man who is. He wants to be admired, not drowned.

Let me do things for you. Don’t try to control it.

Try to let go and see where everything goes.

Skip and the network will appear …

Remember, in order to commit to you, you need to feel connection to you. He is not one of your employees who needs instruction.

How not to scare him – Tip no. 2: Don’t show masculinity.

Men are no intimidated by your strength: he just wants you to appreciate HIS.

Just because he didn’t call you back or didn’t commit, that it doesn’t it means he is threatened by you.

It has more to do with the way you look after femininity, or the lack of it.

You may be the oldest woman in the workplace. And you’re used to showing off male role.

When it comes to dating, you need it let go of this and leave it please. Make him feel that you recognize the things he is doing for you, because he needs to know that he is appreciated.

% name How NOT to scare men if you are a successful woman

How not to scare him – Tip # 3: Don’t overdo it.

Yes, you know how to do things. You are one confident woman and you can do almost anything.

But it is necessary calm your back in this a little when you are with your husband.

Let go of your attitude of taking charge and leave it direct the show.

Also, after a day of stress at work, don’t you want to feel comforted and loved?

To leave HE decide. Give up control when you’re with him.

Let things go and allow him to fall in love and please you. You know who you are.

You don’t have to show success or control over it.

Remember that when you are with your husband, you are there to explore the opportunity to have a boyfriend who loves you and can stay with you. forever. Your man is no “Work” is not a “project”.

So, have fun. Enjoy. I let things unfold how they will do it.

When you let go of your instinctive desire to control all aspects of your life, you will feel free and relaxed.

And when you’re in that state, your man will see you as someone he can be comfortable with and with whom you can spend rest of his life with.

You know you’re a special woman … Now see that woman!

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UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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