How do you get a guy to like you cheating? and Asia Argento …?

TALKING ABOUT DRAFT DATING AND RELATIONSHIPS – Episode 3: How to get a guy interested in you, is he cheating on you ?, and Asia Argento wants to harass you …

Up in the morning for you! It’s time to dump her and move on.

And wait until you get to this Asia Argento thing, but …

In first place

Do you know how to get guys interested in you?

Want to look ridiculous?

I’ll see that:

That is definitely it NO the way to go when it comes to impressing a boy. And yet, surprisingly, you might think so is based on the number of girls drinking a little too much on their party nights.

So when it comes to yours date night, do yourself a favor and keep your alcohol intake DOWN for the evening. In fact, I usually only recommend it ONE drink at night, just to warm up and relax a bit.

More than that, you run the risk of talking too much, acting a little silly, and possibly waking up in your place the next day.

In fact, here are some things NO do it if you want a guy to like you. Let’s say:

“First date errors …”

  1. Don’t get drunk. ‘Nuff said …

  2. Don’t talk about your ex or your last relationship …

It’s funny, but almost everyone I’ve talked to understands that you shouldn’t dredge your ex’s mud, but they still end up doing it to date. It’s like a strange compulsion that overwhelms us to reflect on failed relationships, or just talk rubbish about it.

make a guy like you.  TALKING TRASH: How do you get a guy to like you, is he cheating?  and Asia Argento ...?

Cheating is not fun …

Please have some self-control and avoid this mistake …

3. Don’t ask questions …

The questions count. Especially because you need to get to know this person better if you keep seeing them.

But also because if you don’t ask questions, he won’t think you’re interested. So make a list of questions in advance so you don’t get nervous and quiet about your appointment.

4. Checking your phone …

Phone addiction is a real thing and it only seems to increase every day.

Checking your phone on a date with a guy will mean you’re bored, distracted, or just plain rude. If you need to check your phone, tell them why and then save it.

Or, better yet, announce at the beginning of the date you plan to be polite, give a demonstration to turn off your phone, and then see what he does in response.

Yes, a small test is good.

he is cheating.  RUBRERA SPEAKS: How do you get a guy to like you, is he cheating?  and Asia Argento ...?

Dating: Is That All You Think About?

Well, before I continue, I have a question for you:

Are you kidding?

  • Is the man you’re dating?
  • Getting one next to it?
  • Being a little unfaithful?

Humans love cheating. We are so black and white other people they cheat, but it always seems like we justify it WE do it.

Look, people. The reality is that if you don’t get what you want, almost everyone will consider leaving their partner. Especially if you start annoying them and you think they almost “deserve it.”

(Oh yesIt happens.)

Let me ask you again, is it possible that he is deceiving you?

Of course, it is always possible. But is it also likely?

Asia Argento sexual harassment TALKING TRASH: How do you get a guy to like you, is he cheating?  and Asia Argento ...?

Keep your phones out of this …

Let me tell you why a man cheats:

A man cheats because:

  1. He has not had much physical attraction to women. that is, women do not normally find it physically desirable …
  2. He has not had many physical partners. that is, he has no physical experience. Relatively speaking …
  3. Find a woman who will sleep with him …

That’s pretty much the pattern of 90% of the guys I’ve talked to and analyzed. They were a bit mean, they don’t get along with women. Then comes an opportunity for them to prove their manhood.

AKA – attractive woman showing interest.

And yes, he is a fan because he has no real self-esteem.

Guys with enough experience with women don’t usually have this kind of behavior unless they have a hole in their self-esteem a mile wide.

And it’s the same it is also true with women. Neither gender is immune.

But it’s important to know this so that you know what kind of man is likely to cheat.

Oh, and just some hot advice that you may find hard to believe, but that has been shown in blind studies:

Men and women cheat on the SAME names. Men only lie upand women eh … well, lie downward.

Downward… lower their number.

You know what I mean!

make him love you.  TALKING DELETE: How do you get a guy to like you, is he cheating?  and Asia Argento ...?

Now, what were you waiting for …

Asia Argento has been charged with harassment!

Will scandals never stop?

Image 8 31 18 at 6.40 AM TALKING TRASH: How do you get a guy to like you cheating?  and Asia Argento ...?

Asia Argento – harasser?

A lifelong friend of Rose McGowan, a key figure in the #MeToo movement, Asia Argento has been accused of harassment.

(You may know that Asia is the bride of the famous Anthony Bourdain, recently deceased …)

Asia has allegedly approached underage men, including Rain Dove (Are you kidding? Is that the best name you could think of?), As well as Jimmy Bennet.

So I have to ask you: what are you doing you to think

Can men be physically harassed?

I know there are a lot of women who would make fun of this and say that ridiculous. That men cannot be victims of such things. After all, we are in demand! Women are the offer!

Interestingly, the fact that Rain Dove was 17 years old (i.e., less than the age of consent in CA) at that time is more important in the minds of most people about this incident. After all, he was a “minor.” And that makes this complaint quite significant.

is cheating on you.  TALKING TRASH: How do you get a guy to like you, cheating on you?  and Asia Argento ...?

And if it were big, would that make a difference?

If I were older, would that make a difference in the history of bullying?

I do not know…

In fact, I found it surprising that the age of consent to CA is 18 years. In comparison, about half of the nation has the age of consent at 16 years old.

Now, according to the NY Times article:

“The Times reported that Ms. Argento was willing to pay Mr. Bennett $ 380,000 after she accused him of sexually assaulting him before he reached the age of consent in California.”

That sounds like pretty serious stuff.

Now, of course, the big problem here is hypocrisy … After all, Asia Argento was part of the movement that was also responsible for bringing to light Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct.

What do you think of this controversial trend now?

Should Asia do something publicly?

Is it just a backlash against the #MeToo movement?

Is it different when a MAN claims harassment?

Post your comments below!

And don’t forget to come back next week for more rubbish to talk about relationships and dating …

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