He’s in love with someone else, but I love him

I hear a lot of women say to me, “He’s in love with someone else, but I love him!”

What should you do?

Maybe you’re dating a guy right now. And then you left out the really shocking part:

He already has a girlfriend …!

Are you chasing him?

Or should you reduce your losses and let it go?

Being in love is tricky. It only gets more messy if they’ve already taken it.

What are you doing?

Well, here’s something to think about:

“Whatever you promise to keep, you’ll probably lose it.”

Think of it this way? to want another woman calling him if he was engaged YOU?

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Would it be nice to flirt with him?

Or take it out of you?

No, right?

Don’t be someone who steals other women’s boyfriends, so it’s best to let him go.

Imagine if you chased him and he ended up being yours, he would really is it worth it?

He was disloyal to his girlfriend. Is there any guarantee that he will be loyal? this time?

What stop it to do the same to you?

Don’t make commitments just to have a relationship with this guy. Here are some tips to let it go forever:

mindfulness meditation 200x300 He is in love with someone else, but I love him

Be patient

Although now you have strong feelings for this guy, emotions go back and forth like everything else. Life is all change.

You may feel the same way about him next week, next month, or even next year. But don’t worry, your feelings and memories of him will it finally fades.

As they say, “Time will heal all wounds.”

Don’t expect an overnight recovery because it’s one gradual process. It will be a difficult time and you will be tempted along the way.

However, all you have to do is remember BECAUSE you chose to let it go and get away from this toxic situation.

As long as you value the commitment you have made to yourself, in the end you will succeed.

Be happy

Keep in touch with your family and friends. They know you better, so they can give you support you have to overcome this.

Spend time with them; do fun things together and take advantage of this time to cultivate your relationships with them.

Remember this:

“Happiness is one mental statea choice, a way of life;it’s not something to achieve,it’s something to experience. “

You can be even more productive renovating your interests and passions. This will not only fill your time, it will also remind you that your life is great.

When you focus on your own personal goals, you will rediscover your power to create your own happiness. Have a relationship (or miss it) I should not validate your existence.

1 He's in love with someone else, but I love him

Be optimistic

If you think you’ll never be well again, think about it:

“Good things come to those who wait”

When you are yours lowest pointyou can believe you will May feel the same for anyone else.

Or worse, being alone for the rest of your life.

When you start having these thoughts, cut them and instead imagine a bright future.

Think of a happy life with a guy like you deserves. He will value you by making you his own first priority – i no like a backup.

Hold on to hope and have faith that you did right decision.

Imagine what would happen if you went after him. Is this really worth the dramaconflicting and emotional Chaos that comes with a built relationship INFIDELITY?

Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t waste time fighting for someone who already has another relationship. You deserve a guy who fights for YOU.

“If you don’t value yourself,you will not attract valuable things into your life. “

You need someone who tin be there for you 100%, and not just when it suits you. Like I said, love is complicated – keeping it a secret will only make you miserable in the end.

Don’t invest in someone who he can not offer you a real commitment, let alone a future. Life is full of opportunities; you just have to open up to them when they come.

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Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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