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Whether you’re going online or offline, have local or international dates, we can’t deny a big challenge that most of us face today. We want to attract the right person, but it seems like the opposite is really happening. What does it give?

International Dating Tip: You’re the reason you’re still single

While most of us feel that we are putting our best foot forward, we do it in such a way that it disconnects people. In short, the universe does not conspire against us, nor are there external factors that we can change to improve our life as a couple. But what are we doing wrong?

1. We present our ideal self.

We all have this idea of ​​the person we want to be. This is our ideal self. Most of the time, we present this part of ourselves when we make international appointments on websites or applications. The problem with this is that our ideal self is not ours down real. Somehow, we are misrepresenting who we are because we want other people to realize.

This is very true when you have international dating because you meet all kinds of people through sites or applications. You may feel the need to show up and tell white lies so you don’t fall behind.

2. Think in advance what the other person will look like.

Even before we meet our potential partner, we already have this idea of ​​what the person should look like. Fantasies that your date has extraordinary qualities even before they meet you. Most of the time, our expectations are too high.

3. The negative self-talk

We haven’t always had great experiences in life. We’ve been through a lot of lows, not just climbs. These experiences, big or small, have hurt us in one way or another. As a result, we tell ourselves that we are not worthy of being loved. This is not true, of course, because everyone deserves to be loved. But this negative self-talk is what keeps us from seeing the good things (potential partner) that we have right in front of us.

We all have to go through these bad habits to find the right person for us. Share this post if you found it useful, and for more tips on international dating, check out other posts on our blog.

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