He stopped texting, but he still likes my posts … WTF ?!

What does it mean when someone you date (a guy you still like even though things have gone awry) continues to interact with your social media?

In this week’s new video, I immerse myself in the psychology behind their actions to reveal exactly what it means when someone likes your social posts (but doesn’t approach it any other way). . .

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What does it mean when someone you’ve been dating has had a lot of text exchanges, but someone who eventually fainted is still interacting with your social media? You may notice that in every story you post, they see it. Maybe they respond with emojis. Maybe they like the photos you post and it’s confusing. Why am I even on their radar if they’ve decided they’re not interested? Does that mean they might be interested? Does that mean there’s more to this story than I realized? Maybe there’s a reason it faded that I don’t know, but they’re still trying to get me involved because they like it. Maybe there’s still potential for you to go somewhere. Maybe I should contact them, as they continue to relate to the things I post. What means?

We, especially when we like someone, have this innate drive to create a story from what they do. Someone gives us a piece of commitment or attention, and we want to build a narrative from that that can fit with the idea that they really like it, that they want our attention, and that there may still be some potential in that. situation. And because we created this story, we now begin, consciously or unconsciously, to invest in this story. So now you are posting something, which is a bit for them. You are uploading a photo where you look sexy to comment on or interact with this story. You can get a message that could lead somewhere, but all it does is keep getting the same kind of attention.

Post a story and they respond with a flame emoji. Your love life has been reduced to a flaming emoji. What do you do in a situation like this? Well, first of all, we need to start realizing how A, we are creating a story. In other words, there is no reason to believe that this means anything. This is the lowest form of care anyone can give you.

Think about how we move around Instagram and like something. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. When we take such minor behavior as proof of a much bigger story, we have to suspect ourselves because we can say to ourselves, “Well, I like him. Clearly he’s been very busy or he’s been busy. faded for some legitimate reason, but is trying to get my attention again, or is there any reason why it has been difficult for you to contact me more directly, but obviously I still like it. “. We have no more evidence of this narrative than the one that every Sunday, this man disguises himself as an Easter bunny and walks the neighborhood handing out eggs to his best friends. We must suspect that the narrative we want is true.

Now, why would anyone do that if they weren’t interested? Why bother with this? Well, someone may be attracted to you, but in no way can they move to do anything else. Maybe a lot of people are watching. Maybe they’re a little lazy and aren’t interested in investing in anything right now. Maybe it’s very easy for them to like a photo of you and enjoy it with you from a distance, instead of taking you on a date and having to do anything, which is an effort.

We hardly have to worry about why someone does this. What we need to do is see how it is, a level of commitment that shouldn’t even be interesting to us because our time and energy is worth much more than rewarding that level of investment with our analysis and attention. And you can say, “Oh, it doesn’t take long to see if they liked my post or send me a quick like about something they posted.” But if you really think about the times when you’re with your friends and you might be taking risks or talking to someone, having a fun conversation with a stranger, and instead looking at the phone to see if you’re committed to the last thing that you posted, this takes time. It takes up bandwidth. It occupies our focus.

Now, the problem with satisfying this kind of attention is that for you, it becomes a form of microdose. Microdose in the relationship or romantic context is when someone who does not meet our needs, we continue to complain because we are receiving some kind of blow. It doesn’t make us happy, but it comforts us to know that this person is still there, that something can happen, so we continue to dedicate our time and attention to it.

Now you may be wondering, “But what if my respondent makes me work harder? What if when he looks at my stories or sends me a quick emoji, my respondent leads to a conversation?” When you respond to the lowest form of investment, after you have had a better investment from a person, all you do is tacitly approve of that behavior. So when someone sees that they sent a fire emoji in response to your story and you then sent an emoji with a smiling face, what they’re learning is, “Oh, I can still send you that kind of attention and I know you might even be waiting for this kind of attention from me.

Therefore, there is no traction. There is no desire to do anything else. Someone has to understand that when they send it, they don’t receive anything from you. And if you suddenly post something a little more interesting, like a real question, asking how you are, what you’re doing, saying you’d like to catch up, if you do, you can answer it. But when you answer that, what you’re saying is that everything you’ve done so far wasn’t enough to answer. What you are doing now is enough for an answer. Now, you still have to see where this is going and be careful not to do more than him. Be careful to reflect the amount of investment you get instead of throwing away your gun and giving more, but at least you’ll get something worth a response. You have to decide that if someone wanted to contact me, they would.

Let’s be clear. We’re not talking about a guy on the other side of a bar who you’ve been in eye contact with who hasn’t come yet. There, the principle of “if I would like to come” is nonsense because people are afraid of rejection. So in that situation where you’ve never spoken before, there’s a little bit of truth. In a situation where someone who has already had an appointment with you, who already has your number, has a means of communicating with you, when they don’t get in touch, it’s because they don’t want to. Not because you’re a big, scary monster that intimidates them.

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