Going out with a single parent: should you do it?

Are you dating a single parent? Wondering if this is a good idea?

There is something about a single father that is women irresistibly attracted a. Maybe it’s because of how he approaches the dish and takes care of it all – his son, his lives, his future.% name Having an appointment with a single parent Should you do this?

And that makes you wonder, “If he’s able to do it, he can do it for me, for us!”

There’s nothing like a responsible, dedicated and committed man to excite you … it’s the whole package.

Before you start imagining the wedding bells and stepping on the plate as a stepmother … you need consider these things to know if you’re up to date with a single parent:

GET: Less quality time for you

If you are the type of woman that it doesn’t do you want to “share” or wait for a man to always be with you, you have to rethink going out with him …

Imagine this, between your full-time job and activities with your child, where will you fit in?

You can hire a babysitter to look after the child, but if you are a practical parent, this is not an everyday fact.

Please note: less money to spend

No that you are looking for immediate support from him, but he has a son to take care of, and that is it no cheap! Think about food, school, and other activities that need to be paid for to ensure that the child is safe needs they are taken care of.

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That said, expect some less money to spend on you. Anticipate that your appointments will often be in a modest restaurant, the gifts will be a little less frequent …

This requires a bit adjust for your part if you’re the type of woman who is used to being “cared for” or has a lavish lifestyle.

Then you should reconsider going out with him, unless, of course, you do really good by himself and it is not hurt for money. In any case, however, you should be more or less financially stable so that money does not have to be a major factor in the relationship.

CONSIDER: You are your number 2 lady

You will be a second priority for him, at least for a long time at first. So asking him to choose between you and his kids is a no-no.

He will never choose you over his children; if you were in his place, you would do the same.

Your special events will always depend on whether your child has a babysitter or a time-consuming activity.

% name Having an appointment with a single parent Should you do this?

If you are the type who is used to being the center of attention or the TOP priority … put that aside for a while when you decide to go out with him.


Single parents are mature. Having a child is a a lifetime commitment and often should put the needs of their children first.

This level of maturity will be good for you because you know this attitude normally door in your relationships with other people – included a romantic couple.

And that is something real and it’s worth fighting for. You know first hand what kind of man he will be.

He can and will be an excellent partner.

One is needed SPECIAL woman to go out with this special guy. And you really have to be SURE with yourself how much you like this man.

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Because challenges will come your way, that’s a fact. But, you know for sure what to expect of him.

You know that he will be an educated, selfless, compassionate and sensitive boy …

And a boy can only get these qualities if he is a good father to his children.

So you have to ask yourself:

Can you live with the challenges of going out with a single parent?

And make the profits weigh more than the liability?

If you want to be irresistible, you should watch my special introductory video on how to attract him …

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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