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Having an agreement when it comes to choosing people so far is a good thing. Negative qualities such as inconsistency, poor communication, disrespect, and a one-sided approach to a relationship can easily turn into problems in a relationship, and it is right to distrust them. However, sometimes we have broken agreements that are not genuine problems and lead us to wait too long for an appointment, which after all is only human. Here are some “workers” you shouldn’t let ruin your love life.

Physical characteristics

Some women will not go out with a man lower than them. Some men will not go out with a woman in a certain dress size. All these people are losing massively for no reason. Paying too much attention to the type of physical attributes you want someone to have means that you make your potential dating set much smaller than it needs to be. Don’t judge someone just by their photos, find them in real life. Chemistry will cancel everything else in an instant, and you can only tell if you have it when you encounter IRL.

Not in your hobby or interest

If you’re passionate about rugby or playing Dungeons & Dragons and you think your date is boring, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to love all the same things or do it all together, in fact it’s healthy to have different interests and time that you can spend separately. As long as they are respectful of your interests, they should not share them.

Different levels of comfort when it comes to PDAs

You may be grateful to be able to lend a hand in public, while your date may not feel comfortable holding hands. It’s worth remembering that people take the time to feel relaxed in a situation, and also that not wanting to kiss in public doesn’t mean they don’t like it. Give them a chance to relax or decide to stop worrying about it.

I can’t read your mind

No matter what stage you are in in a relationship, it is always vital to remember that your partner cannot read your mind. If someone is not behaving as you would like, or not doing something you want, it’s up to you. Communication is vital in a relationship, so don’t expect your partner to have clairvoyant skills and then get angry with them when they don’t.

They’re not the person you imagined they were

It’s natural to have an idea in your mind of the person you’d like to date, but you have to remember not to get too attached to it. Your date may have similar qualities to your imaginary perfect person, but they will not be exactly the same. Commitment is key, so be sure to find someone who meets all the boxes.

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