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Find your love for the holidays

Want to find love but need inspiration? Carla Dickens here. Well, not really, it’s Ronnie Ann Ryan, The Dating Coach with my own version of a holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens ’story about Ebenezer Scrooge. This is how my version works …

Find love with Ebbie Scrooge

Ebbie Scrooge, a woman in her 50s, was wasting her dating years grunting at men. The night before Christmas, he would confiscate his unmarried girlfriends, bitterly complaining about the horrible men they knew. How all good men are taken. They will never find love and refuse to conform.

The brides clinked their glasses one last time, toasting because they didn’t need men, and they parted ways. Ebbie stumbled home to get a good night’s rest. But she did not understand.

Instead, he was visited by three Christmas ghosts of dating tips that illustrated the error of his ways out.

Dating tips on the ghost of the past

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Ghost of the dating date

The Ghost of Past Dating Advice first came in for Ebbie to review her story. Ebbie is all too familiar with her unhappy past and her ugly divorce.

However, the ghost is very compassionate and worked with Ebbie to remember what was good, what made her happy, and what lessons she learned that she can bring back to find love.

The appearance of the dating board encouraged Ebbie not to get lost in the past. In fact, Ebbie’s past doesn’t automatically create her future dating. He has more free will than he realized and maybe he would like to think twice before undoing it and refreshing the past.

Ghost of Present Dating Tip

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The ghost of current appointments

Back in bed for Ebbie, she thought she would rest a little, but she didn’t. The Ghost of Present Dating Advice grabbed her and they traveled to see her current love situation. To her dismay, very little is happening on the love front.

The Ghost of Present Dating Advice lovingly explains to Ebbie that she has loving energy in her life. She has children who love her, friends and family who love her, neighbors who enjoy her, and a dog who offers unconditional love. Ebbie never considered these sources of love in her life and took them for granted.

The patient spirit of Present Dating Advice showed Ebbie how the loving energy of her current life could flourish in more if she recognized it and felt grateful. The mistake of her way of doing things, crying and moaning, blaming men, criticizing them non-stop, didn’t really make her feel better, it only made things worse.

Ebbie turned around to see how much time she spent talking badly about men. From this wiser point of view, it seemed like sad, self-sabotaging behaviors that really got in the way of the romance he wanted. To find love, he would have to stop the man who wastes his time.

Dating advice on the ghost of the future

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Dating advice on the ghost of the future

Then Ebbie went back to bed and again, a third appearance, the Ghost of Future Dating Advice took her out. He came to see his life five years earlier and was surprised to find himself in the arms of a wonderful man (Bob Crachet I think), smiling, happy and in love. How could that be? What could be changed to make sure that this future came about?

The Ghost of Future Dating Advice gave Ebbie some crucial tips on how to be approachable and kind to men and most importantly, appreciate men for what they are and what they have to offer. These are the keys to meeting men and finding love.

It was as if Ebbie had woken up with a new awareness of dating she had never experienced before. He could see the wisdom of these ghost dating tips and his dating coach and how his tips would help him create the future love he longed for, but had long since given up.

To find love, he banishes Bah-Humbug’s attitude toward men and dating

banish the bah lie attitudeEbbie reconnected with the three romantic ghosts before her night was over and vowed to change her ways. Now that he had learned to find love after the age of 50, the hero of our story felt more optimistic.

She agreed to work to be more positive, open and active. He promised to minimize his complaints and banish his bah-humbug attitude which sabotaged any effort he made. This will allow you to send good vibes into the Universe and attract the love you want and deserve.

Good for you Ebbie! With these changes in perspective, mindset and understanding, you will attract the love of a good man. The next day, Ebbie flirted just for the fun of being a seductive woman, received a lot of attention, and started on her way to a loving future that she now knows awaits her.

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