Dra. Diana Kirschner helps single women find love in 90 days

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The Scoop: Finding love in the next three months would be a dream come true for many single women who have gone on and on. Dra. Diana Kirschner, author of “Love in 90 days”And a psychologist and dating coach can help women achieve this. It teaches women how to find quality men, stop self-sabotage, and get them engaged faster than they thought possible through their books, blogs, and training resources. She bases her work on integrative therapy and has lots of wedding and baby photos to prove it works.

Finding love can take time, and possibly time, depending on the circumstances. So when Dr. Diana Kirschner says she can help people find Love in 90 days, may seem too good to be true. But his promises have come true over and over again.

Dr. Kirschner says her team of dating and relationship coaches are fairy godmothers, but in reality, her job is not magical. He bases the process on the tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience he has gained with his work in specialized integrative therapy. She set up the process with her husband, who is also a psychologist.

Dr. Kirschner ran a graduate training center and a psychotherapy clinic called the Institute for Comprehensive Family Therapy, and her work inspired her.

Dra. Diana Kirschner told us about her book Love in 90 Days and Training System.

“I found that 77% of single women in treatment who wanted marriage as a goal achieved it,” Dr. Kirschner said. “This high success rate intrigued me.”

As she delved into the tools that help women find love, she picked up the research and began sharing her findings. He went to “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” and other media outlets to talk about his work. He published his popular book, “Love in 90 Days,” 10 years ago, and recently updated it in a birthday edition.

“I think it resonates because it’s a step-by-step approach to finding a lasting, passionate love that really works,” Dr. Kirschner.

The process combines internal and external work to help women gain self-confidence and recognize their value. It also teaches skills that serve as the basis for cultivating a lasting relationship.

Needs-based coaching tailored to each client

Dr. Kirschner’s coaching style is different from the approaches others take, and singles can see it in their Amazon Prime special, also titled “Love in 90 Days”.

“A lot of coaches just get married and create a website,” he said. “That’s their main credential. They have little or no training and only know what works for them, which often doesn’t work for others.”

The innovative book by Dr. Kirschner, “Love in 90 Days” has helped countless women find lasting partnerships.

Dr. Kirschner chooses the members of her team and each has years of experience in training. They work closely to ensure that each personalized session of the client feels positive, stimulating and life-changing.

The process is known as Needs-based coaching, and coaches work directly with clients. They teach single women how and where to find loving and successful men, establish lasting relationships, and understand the psychology of love and passion.

The ultimate goal is to help women experience their loving and esteemed self through what Dr. Kirschner calls it inner work.

“We call this the autonomous work of the diamond,” he told us. “Customers even go so far as to nickname themselves Diamond Self, as the beloved Mighty Isis, Vivacious Vixen or the irresistible chosen goddess of love.”

Internal work also includes teaching women how to end self-sabotaging behaviors that would otherwise fulfill romantic relationships. They learn to replace any feelings of self-hatred or lack of confidence with what Dr. Kirschner calls it “high-value merit.”

Dr. Kirschner works with 10 coaches, and each has a specialty. Some work with highly successful women, while others have extensive experience with dating after divorce, with widows, or working with women over 60.

Didactic tools that help women find loving men

Interior work is just the beginning. The talented team of coaches of Dr. Kirschner also teaches techniques to help with dating, both online and offline. Dr. Kirschner said coaches know how to make a woman’s profile more desirable for men. They also understand which dating platforms are most effective based on the client’s location, goals, and barriers.

“That leads to finding wonderful matches,” he said. “Then we teach each client how to successfully date multiple men and engage them so that they respond and are interested.”

The coaching package

Customers often purchase the discount package in which they select one of the coaches for 12 Zoom sessions followed by a backup of questions and answers via email. And they also benefit from the experience of Dr. Kirschner. The coaching team meets weekly to discuss any issues the women they are helping may have. It’s an opportunity for coaches and Dr. Kirschner to brainstorm to help women overcome the obstacles of love.

The discount package also includes online profile reworking and photo selection, which Dr. Kirschner does it personally.

Those who want to see if the coaching style of Dr. Kirschner is suitable for them can receive a free Advancement for love training session with one of the coaches on your team. DatingNews readers can access the free session by typing “DatingNews has sent me” into the online form.

“This one-on-one session has helped many singles start their dating life on a whole new level,” said Dr. Kirschner. “For example, a woman was able to use her session to understand how to help her engaged-phobic boyfriend get on the plate. And now they’re engaged!”

Photos of the couple and the baby show that their methods work

Dr. Kirschner said she knows her process is successful because clients often send her photos of their weddings or babies. Every time he gets these photos, he gets “crying with happiness,” he said.

He helped Midge Woolsey, who was the spokesperson for Dr. PBS’s special promise. Kirschner to find love. Midge was 50 years old and had never been married, but she was willing to try something new. In 60 days, Dr. Kirschner helped Midge find her soul mate. Dr. Kirschner even attended the wedding, which appeared in The New York Times.

“It was really like a fairy tale,” Dr. Kirschner said. “Everyone was singing songs about love. We had a great time.”

Every day, 16,000 people visit Dr. Kirschner to read popular blog posts and gain wisdom on the best ways to find and maintain love. It also has a Facebook page with 142,000 called followers Dating with True Love Mentor.

Dra. Kirschner has published three e-books available for free on his website. They focus on finding love without experiencing dating exhaustion, powerful love affirmations, and ways to end dating self-sabotage, all topics requested by clients.

She continues to do the same publish blogs, with recent articles focusing on what to do with partners with commitment issues and ways to develop inner peace. Another blog focuses on the dilemmas of successful and conscious single women.

Dr. Kirschner said all her work is not exciting.

“We have helped tens of thousands of people around the world build a lasting self-love and passionate relationship with a soul mate,” Dr. Kirschner. “It’s beyond any dream that love has had to spread love.”

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