Does the Tinder relationship last? (This is why they don’t)

Do Tinder Relationships Last? The short answer is no. On average, Tinder relationships don’t last long. If you want to find a lasting relationship online, your best bet is eHarmony.

But why is that? Why for a lucky few Tinder relationships last, and why for the vast majority end in a breakup. Now, that doesn’t mean all Tinder relationships are doomed. One good thing is that while not all of these relationships started online, ⅓ of marriages in the United States started online.

So online dating isn’t that bad, but Tinder has a culture that doesn’t help you find a lasting relationship. One good thing is that while not all of these relationships started online, ⅓ of marriages in the United States started online.

So online dating is not that bad. Still, it has its pros and cons, and there are certain platforms like eHarmony or Hinge that are better for finding a stable relationship. So do Tinder relationships last? This is something we will explore today and see if we can’t find an answer.

The culture

The culture surrounding Tinder is not the best when it comes to relationships. Tinder was founded in 2012. It pioneered the sliding feature that many other applications have copied and played an important role in popularizing online dating. Only a year later, in 2013, he had great success on university campuses.

Hence the connection culture of Tinder. Partly because of the design and partly because of the environment, it was used more when it was still growing. This culture of connection and the superficial nature of the concordance process make it much more difficult to find a meaningful and lasting relationship.

With the abundance of choices that Tinder includes, it’s very easy to move on with the slightest inconvenience or disagreement. This idea that you can easily go ahead and find someone else in the face of any inconvenience is simply not a basis on which to build a healthy relationship.

Now, that doesn’t mean Tinder is bad. Is not. In fact, it’s very good at what it does, which is to be a connection app, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, we should look at it as it is and understand its pros and cons.

Is Tinder Good for Serious Relationships?

Is TInder good for serious relationships? The answer is, on average, no. We’ve all heard of people, the stories of people who find their soul mates, or we know someone who has, but we’ve also heard the stories of people who won the award. This is very uncommon, and these people are lucky.

Apps like Hinge or eHarmony are much better for finding a stable, meaningful and lasting relationship. This is because they are designed to help you find it. Hinge’s slogan is “the dating app designed to be deleted,” which basically says that this will help you find the “one.”

Tinder’s business model revolves around keeping you engaged and on the application for as long as possible so they can sell you premium memberships, leads, superlikes. This business model has a hard time living with meaningful connections. Here is one of our articles on this topic of Tinder is a bad dating app

Why are Tinder relationships failing?

They usually fail because of the culture surrounding Tinder. Do Tinder Relationships Last? No. Tinder relationships always fail? Not either. The main reason they do not work has to do with the fact that one person can be easily ruled out by another without so much hassle.

Tinder has played an important role in the rise of the culture of connection and has made the transition from one relationship to another as smooth as you can. It’s sad, but it’s also the truth.

Is there a solution?

Do Tinder Relationships Last? The answer is almost always no, but is there a solution? There is a solution to this, but it is not on Tinder. It is with a different online dating platform or through work, social circles or hobbies. As we talked, Tinder is great for being a connection app, but not much more.

The harsh truth is that it is very difficult to find love in an application that is based solely on appearance and location. The best solution is to download from Tinder or at least try an app aimed at people looking for relationships.

Up to Tinder Relationships: Conclusion

While Tinder relationships don’t last long, this shouldn’t discourage you from continuing to put yourself out there and trying to see what the future holds for you. While Tinder may be just for connections, there are many other amazing dating apps that can offer you what you’re looking for, especially if you’re tired of the Tinder connection scene.

Keep in mind that it’s not necessarily your fault that the Tinder relationship didn’t work out as you expected. On Tinder, cards stack up against you in many ways, especially when you’re looking for something more than a connection or an adventure.

Apps like eHarmony and Hinge are great for finding someone special. They are often free or have free trials, so you can get an idea of ​​whether you like them or not. Hopefully, this answered your question about Tinder relationships last and helped you understand why it happens and why it’s not your fault that it didn’t work.

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