Do You Really Need to Be a Bitch?

Do you really need to be a “bitch” to attract men?

On the other hand – yes exchange who are you not more to adapt to the peculiarities of another person?

You probably know the “right” answer to this. But it’s not always obvious when we’re bending over so-called. “limits. ”

Are you aware that you need to have limits for a better life … and a better relationship?

Is May too late to have personal limits. In the following article, you will understand much more about why this is so critical.

And why you they do not have be a GOSA to get the man you want.

Keep reading …

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Title: The importance of personal boundaries

Many girls have emailed me asking for my opinion on the book Why Men Love Bitches. I had also heard about the book a couple of times off the blog, so about six months ago, after a good handful of these requests, I decided to get a copy to see what it was all about. My conclusion was that the book says something true, but it also says it wrong.

The truth is that men are attracted to dogs, but we do not love them because they are dogs; we love women who are bitches. In other words, men are attracted to dogs by a different quality from their bitch, a quality that any woman (bitch or not) can have. Something similar happens with women who like “idiots.” They only like these men because they are also strong, confident, or powerful. They don’t like it because they’re idiots, they like it even though they’re idiots.

The book “Why Men Love Bitches” doesn’t make that distinction strong enough for my liking. It surrounds a point that many women desperately need to hear without ever addressing it directly. It plays with a catchy title, at the expense of clearly explaining to women the crucial point, which is that being a bitch, in itself, is really unattractive to men.

My concern is that some women read the book and start fucking in an attempt to attract men, just as many men try to be silly to attract women. Both strategies are dangerous because they often have partial success, even if the real point is lost.

In any case, this critique obviously raises the question: what are “fucking” girls doing well?

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