Do you really love him?

It’s a scary question: Do you really love it? You’re pretty sure, but there are worrying signs.

After all, the MOST stimulating phase of falling in love is the first stage in which you find yourself losing yourself. It’s like you’re under a spell, you are under the influence.

I noticed how the main characters in the movies like Romeo and Juliet, Twilight, 50 First Dates, Mr. & Mrs. Smith – them all falls in love and challenges the world just to be together.

% name Do you really love her?

Passen a lot of obstacles but their connection is so fortno one, neither amnesia nor death can separate them.

Show these sure signs of being in love:

1. They can’t stop looking at each other.
2. They are excited to be together.
3. They cannot get away from their hands.
4. Imagine a future together.
5. Feel lucky to be with each other.

In REALITY this is also the case, at least in its first stage: love is inexplicable. Love is MAGIC.

But the difference between reality and film is this: in a film, the story ends when the characters finally kiss, get together and fall in love.

Actually, there is a relationship you need to feed yourself – and worked every day.

% name Do you really love her?

Very often, when reality comes in, this magical feeling fades. All signs of love disappear and you stay doubt and confusion.

A relationship involves constantly problem solving, occasional “discussions” (arguments), your mindset if you’re in love should be “It’s all worth it!”

If you feeling exhausted and not being able to find that balance to make you happy with him, this is usually where the problem lies. You are finding that it is more work what fun, so much more.

Whether or not you are still in love with him, there are many possibilities I could be at the exit.

Here are some reasons why people fall out of love:

1. You have discovered something different about him that you cannot accept

2. You feel emotionally and mentally exhausted. Sometimes asleep.

3. Became too available (maybe even needed)

4. Decreased physical attraction

5. You feel a little rejected around you instead of being attracted

If more than one reason applies to you, chances are you are lovelessness.

To know if you are yet in love, you have to think about what you really feel and think about him. And you have to be completely honest with yourself.

% name Do you really love her?

To help you out, here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re still in love with him:

1. Do you still have any attractions for him? Do you still feel sexually attracted to him?

2. Can you settle for mere company?

3. Can you imagine life without him?

4. Do you feel lonely even though you are with him?

5. Are there any features you admire about him?

Falling in love with someone is the hardest experience that can happen.

But, you have one choice:

Suck it and stay …

Or go ahead and find your happiness.

% name Do you really love her?

In the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts, she had to make the decision to leave her comfort zone to find herself.

And she went on a journey that took her to meet her Mr. Right … THE ONLY ONE – that person who fits into your life like perfect like a piece of the puzzle.

So if you know you are not in love with him more, have the courage to go ahead and find the right man for you …

Or if you decide to stay, make it work. Find things you can do to rekindle the passion you once had with others.

It will take a lot of effort to re-ignite the flames, but it may be worth it.

Remember that whatever you decide to do, it is your choice and you have COMPLETE control of your life …

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Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021


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