Do you have to accept it? Can you change it?

It’s a dangerous choice: do you have to accept it as it is? Or can you change it?

All women want to have one successful relationship with her men, right?

But there is much he can do lost in translation between men and women (we often forget that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”), which can make things more difficult than you would like.

It also raises the question: why would a woman want to change her husband?

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It’s mainly because women were bombarded with fictitious beliefs as they grew up, like Charming prince and the proverbial knight in shining armor.

When a boy comes, he will unconsciously look for his features. “Perfect man“and when she doesn’t see it … well, this is when the “fix” occurs.

She will try change it and this is where the power struggle in the relationship begins. And you probably don’t want to admit it, but it does happen a lot – i it doesn’t get much.

You see, initially, you have a lot hope – a romantic fantasy that you can have this magic happy forever with him. It’s the feeling of “That’s it! He is him! “

But after meeting him (after making him comfortable enough to lower his guard and be himself), you will realize that he is not. even close to that perfect guy you thought he was.

He it doesn’t fit the criteria. So what does a woman end up doing?

She tries to change the boy by modeling him on someone she has been dreaming of all her life.

And what happens? The result is usually the end of an association that could have it lasted forever.

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You’re left wondering what went wrong and you go back to this cycle of finding the “only one” – complaining about why it hasn’t arrived yet, and when it does, you know each other, then do your “thing” again.

I – BOOM – the relationship ends.

If this is a normal fact for you and you want to finish vicious circlestay away from these harmful mistakes when trying to change it.

REMEMBER: He will change because he loves you.

Expect him to change who he is just to show how much you care, and when he doesn’t, or can’t, you immediately think he doesn’t care.

And that hurts the relationship that could have led to yours. “happy forever“- if you want not more gave him a chance.

If you are doing this, Stop.

Be fair to him. Ask yourself, what would be your reactions if you waited for him to change for you?

Would you?

I could you

You are always right. Oh … is that you?

It’s your path or the highway. You do not allow your opinions to be heard, nor are you open to possibility that he I could you’re just right.

This attitude is a lot harmful to your relationship with him, as this can and will lead to disagreements, discussions and fights that will burden the relationship. They can even excess your emotional “bank account”.

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Remember that men want their wives to respect them and allow them to be men, so that he can feel like a man.

Ask yourself this: Do you want this to last? forever, right? If the answer is yes, you may need to bend over backwards to fit the relationship.

Relationships are always two-way. Respect him as you expect to be respected.

You want it to be like you.

We need to be aware and understand that each of our life experiences from childhood to adulthood makes us different from each other.

There may be a small similarity, though no everything will be the same. And you really I wouldn’t want to, anyway.

Waiting for him to think like you, to have the same ideals as you, like the same music you make (when he isn’t) is a big mistake.

It may even seem ridiculously obvious, but you’ll be amazed at how many men complain that their partner tries change them a Somebody else.

If you are doing this, you must learn to accept it in its entirety and love it as it is, as it is (hopefully) willing to do for you.

If you persist, you will end up becoming a controlling, persistent girl.

And the month the more you do this, the more it will do hold out your attempts. And finally this only leads to the inevitable rupture.

Some guys will even cheat not more to escape a situation like this. No, that it is not justified, but you can understand how a guy who is behind in a corner will do it feeling trapped in a relationship.

If you really love it, stop focusing on trying to change it. Instead, focus on being with him right now, in the present.

Live the moment. Enjoy being together.

Make every minute you spend happy and he will TO WANT to dedicate every moment of vigil to you.

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Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/27/2021

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