Dating tricks for shy women

Dating advice expert Dr. Diana Kirschner, assisted by a puppy blogger, Madison, teaches you simple but powerful dating tips for shy women. Be sure to watch the video below.

After a great app and text romance, and a few one-hour soul-to-soul phone sessions, it’s time to meet at the local Italian venue. When you look in the mirror, nothing looks good. So notice the bumps around your thighs and the space between your front teeth. What will you talk about in this first date? In fact, you feel like you’re back in high school.
And you know how awkward things can be when you find your tongue or feel intimidated. Because there’s nothing as intimidating as being shy on a first date with someone who looks like the right partner.

Seven Dating Tricks for Shy Women # 1

If you know your date in person, make yourself beautiful or attractive WITH YOUR EYES (which are the eyes that really matter). So definitely take the time to do it. Also, make sure you dress well or fit in and feel comfortable in the meeting place.

Seven Dating Tricks for Shy Women # 2

Have topics up for discussion about movies / TV shows, books, and news that you might find interesting (nothing about politics especially NOW).

Seven Dating Tricks for Shy Women # 3

To avoid looking shy on the date, prepare your answers to the question: What have you been doing? DO NOT SAY “ANYTHING”.

Seven dating tricks for shy women # 4

When you arrive at your date, smile and give your full attention to the person. Watch carefully what they bring and other details about your surroundings. The cut of his shirt, the color of the moldings on the walls, how the waiter dressed, and so on. This will catch your eye. Attention that sticks to yourself is the whole basis of shyness !!

Seven Dating Tricks for Shy Women # 5

Be sure to ask general, informal, open-ended questions such as: How was your day? How did you grow up? How did you become interested in X (from profile)? What attracted you to my profile? In fact, pay attention and enjoy the sound of your dating voice while answering these questions.

Seven Dating Tricks for Shy Women # 6

Avoid talking about old boyfriends or relationships. He’s the number one conversation killer on a first date. Don’t talk about marriage, children, or sex. Or talk about debts or health problems.

Seven Dating Tricks for Shy Women # 7

7. In the end, if there is a connection, tell your date how much you enjoyed talking to him or her and would like to continue. In fact, if you are a successful woman, this is a crucial step. Now enjoy the video.

But what if these dating tricks aren’t enough to get you started? Then be sure to sign up for a free session with one of my dating and relationship experts.

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