Dating profile pictures: 5 simple tricks to make an irresistible photo

Okay, I know, some of you think you look bad in these dating profile photos. Most of us feel that way. But you can get a great photo using these five tricks for an irresistible dating profile picture.

Dating profile pictures: Hack # 1 Take a professional photo

Have a friend who is a fabulous photographer take more than 100 pictures in your head to find one that is so good that it will surprise you. Make sure you take at least 100; even if it seems like a lot, the whole process will overwhelm you with the hump of restraining yourself or being shy in front of the camera. You can also have your photo taken by a professional photographer who knows how to interact in a playful way and help make their subject matter real. If you do this route, make sure your dating profile photo looks casual.

Dating Profile Images: Hack # 2 Take bad or silly photos to loosen up

If you have trouble loosening up, deliberately take some “bad” photos where you’re too serious or silly. This technique, used by professional models to warm up for a shoot, will put you in game mode and guarantee you good dating profile pictures.

Dating Profile Images: Hack # 3 Make your photo warm and welcoming.

As you look at the camera, think of your twin soul intention, which is something like, I give myself a warm and loving life partner. Or imagine that a man you really love is making you the biggest compliment! Think of something that will make your eyes shine and make you happy. Be sure to make eye contact with the camera and smile warmly. Research shows that women who do it are considered more beautiful than women who do not! Try increasing the contrast to make your dating profile photo appear.

Dating profile pictures: Hack no. 4 Take a few full-length photos

In particular, take pictures showing your hourglass figure.

Experimentally, add the best to your profile to see how this affects your answers. Also, take a second or third photo showing you on your item, either on top of a mountain or with your beloved dog.

Dating Profile Images: Hack # 5 Do not include photos with other people.

Men don’t want to see a photo where a male partner is obviously cropped. Think of the unconscious message you send! Photos with your children can send the wrong message at this delicate point of discovery for the first time. So don’t present any right now.

Here it is: the five tricks for irresistible dating profile pictures.

Dating profile pictures: Joanne’s case

Joanne, a shy hermit who was on our Love Mentoring® program, followed these five simple tricks and found great lasting love. Here is what he wrote to his coach:

“I’m writing to share with you my GREAT news! Mike and I WERE ENGAGED last Tuesday night at Walt Disney World (my happiest place on Earth, next to wherever I am with him!). renting a private yacht and while the Wishes fireworks were passing through Cinderella Castle, he proposed to me, that was all I could have dreamed of! We are planning a June wedding.

This past Thursday was a year since we met for coffee after chatting online. Mike wanted me to make sure he told you that it was one of the photos where he wore red (remember you told me it was a good color to wear?) And that it was done professionally, that made him contact me! I had told him about Love Mentoring® and I remember our great phone sessions well. I wanted to make sure I told you, and of course, thank you very much! ”

Dating profile pictures – a couple more tricks to market yourself

  • Wear a red top with a push-up bra and a belt to show off your beautiful neckline
  • Use moderate amounts of makeup

I know that putting all this time and energy into a new image or photo can make you upset or anxious about having to market yourself. But you have to shine and stand out from the crowd. You did it for the job you wanted. Now do it to get the Soulmate love that will enrich every part of your life.

And when our clients do this process, they can fall in love with themselves! It becomes a lot of fun. This is what Diana, also known as ‘Queen Rose’, said:

After banishing the gray and having her hair pulled back, she walked past a store mirror and made two shots. Who was that cheeky young man with his hair bouncing? I decided to take out the dough for a professional photographer. I looked at those photos and, for the first time in my life, I felt BEAUTIFUL HEAT. Now I love putting on my trusted push-up bra and a sexy red top to meet the guys for a first date with a coffee. Queen Rosa reigns!

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