Best first date? The best Valentine’s Day date ever?

If you ask a normal guy what his idea of ​​his BEST first date is, it’s probably I wouldn’t it involves being tied to the passenger seat of a shoulder car and making donuts in a parking lot.

But that is it exactly what did these guys get when they went to blind date with a professional acrobat. Thinking they were doing a reality show, things started well and quietly in a coffee shop.

At first, this bad chick in sheep’s clothing put one on overheating act to set up the joke. For example, he said he wasn’t “that kind of person” when a guy asked him if he liked zip lines.

But the plot twist began when these unconscious guys got into the new Mustang of their date.

As soon as they went up, that ros bad he literally threw them a 180, along with a 90, 360 and other hair stunts.

She showed these guys what it really was, burning rubber and making them endure for the love life. To further frighten her appointments, she acted normal and casually they kept talking as they turned and drifted down the sidewalk.

With a look of determination with white knuckles on his face, he asked things like, “So what else are you looking for in a girl?” while his journey screamed through the parking lot.

In real life, though, you don’t have to go to these extremes just to impress your date. In fact, getting started in a simple but memorable way should be your plan of attack.

Most guys wouldn’t tell you, but they did generally I don’t like nasty surprises (not counting the well-made joke of Mrs. Stunt Lady, of course).

Of course, being a lover of fun and an adventurer are impressive qualities to own. Whenever we know you are no go to complicate our lifes tookeep the drama going minimum levels and do not limit our freedom, then we are almost overwhelmed by anything.

With that in mind, here are some tips for a memorable first date:

  • Avoid the rate of dinners and movies made to death. Do something light, casual and without pressure. For example, try knocking down some bowling alleys in the local alley with a pair of brewskis. It may not be as unconventional as shouting at top speed, but it is a welcome alternative to the beaten path. Plus, he’ll think of you as a fun, cool, low-maintenance guy he’ll want to date. again.
  • Remember: a calm vibration will attract you like a tractor. Look for something interesting to do in your conversations. The last thing you want is feeling pressured to be romantic right away, or fill every possible moment with talks. Give your date time and space for it to unfold naturally, and your boyfriend will plan the date no. 2 faster than you can say, “We should do it again!”
  • Try not to scare him with uncovered stories that aren’t meant to be shared so soon. Of course, any guy you know will have problems of his own, but he won’t risk talking about completing his 12-step program or the time he faced the problems of his childhood. Remember the terrified look of the passengers in the video? You will do the same by dropping a revelation out of nowhere. He will probably keep his face sincere, but his mind will move faster than a well-prepared Mustang.

But the biggest stunt you can do with a guy is capturing his heart to make it completely and completely yours.

And you don’t have to go to acrobatic driving school just to differentiate yourself from the other women you’ve dated.

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Yours, in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/30/2021

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