9 major activations for boys

When it comes to finding guys exciting, it’s more than just attracting their sexual side.

Of course, any red-blooded guy will always want this kind of attention, but you have to make an extra effort if you REALLY want to keep him interested.

Is no it’s just a matter of jumping in the shower with him, wearing some kind of underwear, or putting on yoga pants for them to look at you.

Believe it or not, a guy needs more than that to have a long-term attraction to the special lady of his life.

For him, being on fire isn’t just about feeling sexually aroused (though honestly, that’s a big part).

Rather, it is what you think of YOU.

And you can activate the general feeling you want to have by learning to take advantage of your strengths as a woman.

We live in politically correct and progressive times, and it is fantastic that we are approaching equality. However, it seems that “being a woman” is seen more and more negatively.

Is being female a sign of weakness?

No, it’s about complementing a boy’s masculine side and being the “yin” of his “yang,” if you will.

Biologically speaking, men are designed be activated by certain qualities, although they do not necessarily adjust to the current social changes we are experiencing at the moment.

And the better you can cultivate those qualities you already have, the better off you’ll be at pressing those “hot buttons” buried deep in your brain.

So let’s start with the things that excite you …

Light it like crazy Technique no. 1: Don’t be afraid of your sexuality

Okay, I just said the whole speech “It’s not just about sex,” but I did too say it was a big part of lighting a boy.

We all have different tastes in bed, and every man I know (myself included) makes them very hot when a woman knows how to communicate her sexual preferences with a guy.

sensual couple 9 turns bigger for boys Part 1

The common complaint I hear from boys is that their partner is not as sexually open to them as they would like. What I mean by that is that your wives or friends are too shy to talk about doing the nasty thing or are just not interested.

NO, it doesn’t make you “fucking” show your sexual side.

The simplest but most effective change you can make in your relationship is to confidently tell your boyfriend exactly what is on your bed. And funny enough that it will also activate if you tell it!

Whether your preferences are conservative, weird, or at some point, let them know. Even if you want to try things you’re not yet familiar with, this is the first step to finding yourself halfway there.

That’s why men are so excited about this attitude, because it means taking a journey of sexual discovery TOGETHER.

Be a high quality woman: advice no. 2: Keep your inner judge calm

As i said attitude plays an important role in being attractive, so keep that in mind.

Todd, a client of mine, said this about a girl he dated.

“We met through one of these dating sites, and in real life it was a knockout as an online profile. But I had a habit of making mocking comments about the people in the coffee shop where we drank coffee. , I had nothing but bad things to say about my colleagues when we started talking about work. seeing someone who was THAT condescending and critical. “

And any man who sees this red flag will say to himself, “Oh boy, I bet she’ll judge me next, and what I like and who I’m dating. FAIL!”

Look, we did it all I felt the need to criticize other people for saying or doing things we disagree with. But feeling the urge and acting on it are two different things.

without judging 9 major activations for boys, part 1

Not to put it all in zen, but personally, I have found much more inner peace in my life making it a habit to let go of judgment. And so will you.

Here’s a great way to silence your inner judge when it comes to:

Exercise a little empathy: Consider the story behind the people you feel like judging. Is the guy in front of you in the cafeteria with the ridiculously large order really ready to get you?

Or was it just the poor bastard who ended up having to do an assignment in his office?

We all have our own shit to deal with, and everyone’s situation is different. The more aware you are of this fact, the easier it will be to avoid judgment.

How to stimulate your senses # 3: Use your mouth

No, I didn’t mean that. Well, not in this example, anyway …

This is what happens to boys: we are thrilled how a woman can be polite and appropriate in public and absolutely wild behind closed doors. It’s the contrast that excites us, and you can do it with a little risky language in bed.

lick the 9 biggest changes for the boys, part 1

You don’t have to go to full X when it comes to dirty talk.

Not all guys are interested in this, and it’s actually best to start with PG-13 and go up the ladder of discovery.

So try the water with some chosen words to give it more flavor and, if you agree, go ahead. I usually advise women to start with general descriptions of their physical attributes and how they make you feel.

For example, you might say, “I love it when you’re pushing me, I feel so helpless!” Then you can get dirty more and more until you find that verbal sweet spot.

Secret of Seduction # 4. Appreciate it

If there’s one secret desire all boys have, it’s for his wife to say out loud what she loves about him.

We just need to know that we are valued.

And yet, this is a habit that many couples do not practice enough in their relationship. What most women don’t understand is that there is a lot of trust in a guy connected directly to the perception his partner has of him.

The more he feels validated by you, the better he feels about himself. This actually raises your testosterone levels like crazy (biology, remember?) And will put you back into that sexual energy.

Women who know how to activate a guy are great for doing so and create a healthy feedback loop that benefits both of you.

validated 9 major activations for boys Part 1

So go ahead and make a list of what turns you on from it. Tell him directly, mention him when there are family and friends (keep him clean!), Or send him a text message or email.

Coming from you, it will mean the world to him, and it will set him on fire nobody’s problem -except your …

I’ll be back in a couple of days with part 2 …

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UPDATED: 10/5/2021

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