7 Ways to Seduce a Man with Touch

Look, back in college, it sure was easy to seduce a man with just a touch, right?

Heck, it was very easy to find a guy. They were everywhere!

  • – You turn around and there’s a man looking at your ass …
  • – He is sitting next to you in class …
  • – Daydreaming in the library …
  • – Playing catching shirtless in the yard …

College girls have all the options available.

But there comes a time in your life when you want to meet guys and seduce them, and they’re not that easy to find or catch. month.catches a guy 7 ways to seduce a man with touch

I once did a short seminar for a group of women in San Francisco on the topic of attracting the right man.

One of the ladies, who seemed to have increased her courage just to raise her shy hand in the air, asked me, “Carlos, how can I get a man interested in me?”

I said, “Well, it depends on how you …”

She interrupted – “I want to seduce you. In bed. FAST.”

The room burst in Laughand she too.

I’m pretty sure I put a few shades of red on this one. But I did have a few things to tell her about how men feel sexually attracted to a woman.

Most of the women in that audience, in fact, thought that the only way to seduce a boy was to touch him … well, you know … in THAT place.

The package…

package 7 ways to seduce a man with touch

And even if you go straight to the love zone no. 1 works, it can be counterproductive to you very easily. If done at the wrong time and without the right amount of setup, a guy can freak out and back off. It needs a bit of – dare I say it – previous games.

So let me take a moment to tell you how you DON’T want to seduce a guy, and then we’ll be able to investigate my 7 ways to seduce him just by touch.

DON’T seduce him like that – number 1: don’t spend ridiculous amounts of time on makeup, perfumes and hair, and all that …

Look, guys want you to look good, but not too good. Not as much as we think you really spent several hours in that look.

Especially because we care that if you need so much work, you will not be able to show us your natural beauty.

DON’T seduce him like that – # 2: don’t play hard to get …

The key word is PLAY. Many women play with it, and it is seen as shameless manipulation.

Instead of playing it, why not just live your own busy life? Be busy and enjoy, and fit a guy where it makes sense.

Just don’t structure your life to be open to meeting men, then meeting a few, then pretend you really don’t have time to meet him. We can smell the incongruity.

DON’T seduce him like this – number 3: follow the trends of celebrities or emulate other women “sex symbol” …

Most of the media out there would have seen this woman or that movie star … and in the end it’s all a big scam to get you to buy more things you don’t need.

Instead, choose a look that works for you, and then WORK IT!

safe woman 7 ways to seduce a man with touch

When you create your own image that is true to you, you will find it much more seductive than if you were busy trying to mimic the cover of another celebrity magazine.

Okay, so let’s go … here are mine:

7 Ways to Seduce a Man – Using Only Touch!

Instead of trying to work on the “how you look” part, we’ll focus on the lethal strategies of how to play a boy in a way that electrifies, catalyzes, and does. fantasize with you until you see him again.

Tactile tactics of seduction 1: grab the forearm

Every guy answers that, believe me. I work like a champion.

All you have to do is reach out – at some point in your conversation – and just put your hand on his forearm. Do this for about 1 second.

Literally just a second hand click …

It is more than enough to arouse their interest. And it’s a very innocent and simple touch to get out of.

touch arm 7 ways to seduce a man with touch

The reason it works so well is that, first of all, this is a very sensitive skin patch – the back of the forearm. There are some very sensitive nerve endings that arouse your … interest.

And that works, too, because it’s a great way to point out an emotional high point in the conversation. The contact you make with him is immediately memorable.

Seduction Touch Tactic 2: the back of the neck

Let me tell you in advance, if you use any of these sites that I mention, do this one.

Just place the palm of your hand on the back of your neck. (I guess you shouldn’t get under a hipster’s hair mop …)

Touching his neck is best done when you pull it out to tell him a “secret.” Or just go for that goodnight kiss at the end of the night.

The only place this place works best is on a WOMAN’s neck, as you may or may not have discovered for yourself.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about it.

Seduce him with the touch 3: Oh, yes … his ears.

Nor are they just for licking and biting. A man’s ear is one of the easiest parts of his anatomy to wake up.

I had a girlfriend who would occasionally stand up and run her fingers around my neck as she grabbed my earlobe. Then I just ran my index finger under my earlobe.

And then down the line of my chin.

(I tremble just writing this)

It was a double blow that made my knees fall.

whisper 7 ways to seduce a man with touch

For his credit, he never asked me for a big favor at that time. I don’t know if I could have refused …

Tactile Seduction Tip 4: Your hip – just above the side of your ass.

Yes, I must confess that this is one knee for the boys, too.

What you do is, when you are standing next to him, you put your palm next to his hip. You can run your hand over his leg, or just hit him once and walk away.

hip man 7 ways to seduce a man with tact

If you want to duplicate this move, just press it gently once.

Just a quick tip on HOW TO TOUCH A BOY: Most women assume that touching and holding your hand anywhere is good enough, but it’s often too much.

Just touch it and move away or move your hand to another place.

But do it shyly: less is always more.

Seductive touch tactic 5: those piglets …

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Our feet have a lot of pressure points, and you can really do some magic by giving it a little rubbing. Use a little mineral oil to help you and in a matter of minutes it will beg for mercy.

massage 7 ways to seduce a man with touch

Yes, you can turn it on too, so stay tuned. As Marcellus said in “Pulp Fiction,” you have to get the pressure right so you don’t get too tickled.

Seduce him Tactical tactics 6: language game …

I must admit that I have always been amazed at how few women know how to do this really to kiss a man to enchant him.

I can probably count on one hand the number of women who could kiss well, let alone know what we like about boys in a woman’s kiss.

First, you need to use your language more. It’s usually a total or total affair, and that doesn’t do you justice.

Use your tongue as if she were a shy girl on her own. Don’t always let it get you down.

Attract it to you, and then close it for a while. Just give it a little lip.

Play hard to get with your lip lock for some variation.

couple kissing 7 ways to seduce a man with touch

It is the change in pattern that the boy will notice. Keep it up guess what to do next.

Yes, there are some guys who don’t know how to kiss either, but your technique probably won’t go unnoticed if you accept the challenge.

Tactile Tactics 7: Thighs and Legs.

When you are ready to warm up a little, you will want to explore the world of your inner thighs.

Explore the territory around the package to increase anticipation and desire for more. The inner thighs are very sensitive in a man, probably as much as in women.

And here’s a small advantage: Tactic 7B: The Navel Region.

Specifically, just run your finger through her “golden trail,” as my ex used to call this thin line of hair that runs all the way to her main event. It is a extraordinarily sensitive region that will provoke him in full happiness with zipper.

Golden Trail 7 Ways to Seduce a Man with Touch

The key to all of these tactics is clue to the eventual “main event” without jumping directly. It should be a consistent and deliberate mockery game, and then move on a bit.

You may be shy, but don’t take the rug off.

When it comes to the long game of seduction, however, touch is part of the picture. Make no mistake, it is essential to know which tactile areas activate a boy, but there is MORE than that.

Aside from the physical realm, you also need to know the TRUTH about what you are feeling and thinking.

Many women overlook this part of the relationship and this prevents them from creating a SOLID connection with their husband. Part of keeping him forever is getting him to reveal his innermost thoughts, fears, and desires.

And if you are no doing so could also mean that you will never be able to give them what YOU need.

Luckily, I have a free video that will make this part a lot easier to solve.

In this special presentation, you will learn how to break your boyfriend’s sometimes cryptic behavior and finally discover what is going on in his heart and mind.

This is the key to becoming “the only one” in your eyes: click here to get started TODAY.

doesheloveyou sml 7 ways to seduce a man with touch

UPDATED ON 10/6/2021

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