7 ways to flirt guys

Do you know how guys flirt? Can you spot the signs so you know you have a chance to have a relationship with him?

One of the most important signs you can catch is whether or not a guy is flirting with you.

Is criticalbecause if you can’t read this signal, you may completely lose your flirtation and miss your chance.

Getting mixed signals from him can also confuse you completely. You will not know whether to flirt or ignore it.

questions2 7 ways to flirt guys

And if this is a guy you’re really interested in, it can be heartbreaking to think he was flirting with you, but then you see him with another woman on a date.

I know several women who have even flirted with a guy and then found out he was gay. Talk about embarrassment …

The trick is to understand how guys flirt, because most men are really shy.

Maybe three or four guys in a hundred know how to flirt confidently with women.

The rest are shy, and climb. And to be honest, they really have no idea.

After all, they suffer the same dilemma as you. They don’t want to flirt and find out they don’t care.

For a man, it can crush his ego.

So right now I’m going to solve this riddle for you. Here are 7 different ways boys flirt openly with women.

Flirting Signal 1: Start and hold a conversation

When a guy starts chatting with you, he can be very confused. On the one hand, he may be friendly or, on the other hand, he may be really interested and looking to connect.

You need to be able to notice the difference.

The easy way to find out is to simply listen to what you are talking about in the conversation and your overall level of emotion.

If he is just being kind, he will be quite distant and talkative. If she flirts, she will more animated.

convo2 7 ways to flirt guys

He knows that if he keeps the conversation going, it will give him more time with you. And it also gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

And that “intel” is like the quote currency when it comes time to ask you out.

By the way, if you ever tell your friends, “Come on, I’ll get closer,” to stay with you, this is one of the best signs of flirting you can spot. If he tells his friends to continue without him, he is clearly captivated by you.

This usually happens when you are in a single environment of some kind. It’s subtle, but it can be really huge if you know what to look for.

Another thing to keep in mind is your body language, which I will try in a little while …

But the next thing is –

Flirting Signal 2: Keep trying to impress you

Look, it’s no secret that guys have an ego. Some guys have a BIG ego.

And yes, these egos can be very fragile, at least in the hands of a woman you are attracted to.

You can bet that a guy is flirting with you if he starts bragging a bit or tries to impress you. It is a reflection that is almost complete out of his control.

He does this because when it was the time of hunters and gatherers, he concentrated on attracting a mate. And to do that, he had to impress her with his manly ability to provide for her.

primal caveman 7 ways to flirt guys

Now, of course, you don’t need to bring home a mammoth fillet like you did before. But he still has that instinct built in, and he won’t go anywhere soon.

Here at the moment, he’ll just tell you crazy stories about things he did, or maybe he’ll try to show himself or his friends around you.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. It is up to you to interpret this signal correctly.

So let it inflate your chest a bit. You will know the reason below.

Flirting signal 3: “practical”

This can be a fantastic sign of flirting at the same time, as well as a great irritation for some women. It all depends on whether you like the boy or not.

He will get a little sensitive with you, but (mostly) in the right way. If a man is physically attracted to you, he will find some reason to approach you and touch you “accidentally.”

accidental 7 ways to flirt guys

Here’s something you may have noticed: When you see something that catches your eye, you want to touch it.

It’s instinctive and paramount, in a way. Something of our nature demands that we get as close as possible to the things we find beautiful.

So when a man seems unable to control these little dirty legs, he just needs to be cut a little. Be flattered that he finds you so irresistible.

He’s just overwhelmed by his own desire, and that’s an instinct hard to contain.

Flirting Signal 4: Look at your body language

Boys become much more excited and excited when they are interested in a woman. This is pretty easy to spot unless you just get to know it and have no idea what its basic behavior is.

But one thing you can watch out for is that he says everything you need to know is what his body language tells you.

A sign that is very strong is if it is facing you directly, pointing at your body. This shows that you have their full attention.

Again, this is it involuntaryand that’s why it’s such a fantastic indicator.

You will also have your shoulders straight back, without falling. And he’ll even pull his shoulders back to inflate his chest a little.

puffedup 7 ways to flirt guys

This makes you look stronger and better able to protect yourself. (Hey, all of this is backed by science.)

He will also be very open with his body language if he is flirting. If you notice that he turns around during the conversation or closes his arms and legs as he walks away, he is probably not flirting.

However, if your body is positioned towards you, with your arms open and closer to you, you can bet that it is a flirting body language.

A boy will also be very territorial with his body language. After all, he has started a conversation with you and now he doesn’t want to lose that investment.

He’ll lean in to get closer to you, as well as find ways to block your access other guys. Again, this is just trying to protect your conversation and its possibilities with you.

Flirting Signal 5: Congratulations …

Boys use compliments in the same way as women: as a kind of currency to buy interest from the person we want.

meet 7 ways to flirt guys

So when a guy starts complimenting you at random, even if they’re a little extreme, that means he’s flirting.

Typical compliments are:

  • – Your smile
  • – Your eyes
  • – Your appearance (and yes, sometimes your body)
  • – Your personality

Any of them could be your appreciation for you, but most guys will only put it into words for a girl who interests them.

Interestingly, all of these compliments may also include …

Flirting Signal 6: It bothers you …

This hasn’t changed at all since you were 4 years old in the yard. Boys show the girls that they like them by trying to make them believe that they really don’t like them.

How do we do this amazing thing?


If a guy is making fun of you, he’s trying to get some emotions out of you. This is the real driving force behind this illogical behavior.

With the “players” out there, being a joke is simply in its nature.

teasing 7 ways to flirt

But she is more likely to feel very comfortable around you and may even have some feelings for you.

Guys don’t usually pay much attention to girls for whom they have no romantic interest, so if you’re constantly teased, it means he’s flirting.

It’s not logical or rational, but teasing is one of those instinctive ways in which guys feel comfortable with a vibration of interest and flirting. It will take you too far and then pull back, but it is a solid indication of desire for you.

Flirting Signal 7: Leave clues and opportunities for both of you to meet.

The final game for a guy who is flirting with you is waiting for that chain of behaviors to get him to bed with you.

Hey, it’s no secret, is it? And the truth is, you’re expecting the same thing, just a little bit less directly.

So when you start to subtly hint at what you’re doing this weekend, or some tickets you have to go see a show, you can pay attention.

tickets, please, 7 ways to flirt

This is their way of putting a test balloon to see if it attracts you. It is much safer than asking for a direct exit.

Her secret hope is that you will even suggest going out, even if she knows that asking for it is her responsibility as a boy.

These are seven of the most common flirting signals.

If you see more than one, it’s a safe bet that this guy is thinking about romance, not just friendship.

When all is said and done, all you have to do is stay in the conversation long enough and it will finally show your interest.

It may take a while, but it will give you enough clues as to whether or not you should take advantage of it and even suggest that you meet with him.

happy couple 7 ways to flirt guys

And if you really want to be a PROFESSIONAL by reading guys upside down, and NOT just observing their behavior on the surface, it’s pretty easy to learn. I have a course that will help you quickly read their cues and figure out their intentions.

That way, you can go ahead if you’re NOT interested or continue flirting with him if you like.

All you have to do is click here to learn more about this valuable dating skill TODAY.

UPDATED: 10/4/2021

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