7 ways men fall in love

There are many ways to make men fall in love with you …

But if I ask you, if you could look inside a boy’s thoughts, would you do that

Now, of course, you want a filter for all the dirty stuff and weird stuff …

But If you could hear his thoughts, just as he was falling in love, wouldn’t you want to know what’s going on in there?

Well, it’s a simple process, really. What makes it seem complicated is this he doesn’t fall in love the same schedule as you.

In fact, men fall in love faster than women.

Love … It will hit you like a pile of bricks!

It has been shown in countless studies that men fall in love harder and faster than women.

“Studies show that heterosexual men tend to fall in love, or believe they have fallen in love, much faster than their female partners …”

There are many theories as to why this might be the case: from the need for a man to claim his “territory” and close his partner, to the fact that men can determine a suitable partner only on the basis of visual and sexual cues. There are many reasons why it is more beneficial for man to fall first.

“Men are biologically programmed to choose a healthy woman to have children, while women choose men based on whether or not they will be good parents.” Helen Fisher – Rutgers University

The reality is that men are more vulnerable when it comes to love and the strong emotions of love, at least in the beginning.

Now that you know this delicious little secret, how can you use it to capture a man’s heart faster and easier?

Let’s go to mine 7 secret tips to show you how to make him fall in love with you:

How to Get a Man to Love You – Tip 1: Destroy Him With the Best …

One of the main reasons a man will fall in love is that he is blown away by the whole package of YOU.

This includes things like:

  • LooksNO, you don’t have to be a supermodel. But you should try to present yourself as one! Dress well, get in shape and Take care of your appearance …
  • PersonalityABOVE! (Always work with yourself …) Strive to be a better and more enjoyable version of YOU
  • voice – A loud nasal voice is something that can be rehearsed in a silky and sensual tone …
  • Loyal – Show him that you are capable of overcoming difficult times …
  • Affectionate – Touch, love, nurture … ’nuff said.
  • Fun – Just read any of my articles and you will know that fun is the main factor for them to fall in love with you …

Men usually count your best shots and see how they add up. (It won’t be just your breasts or your shiny hair, I’m sorry …)

If you see that you have a fairly complete package, here it is!

How to Make a Man Fall in Love 7 Ways Men Fall in Love Make you love them

Be everything you could want in a woman …

And the best part of the “complete package” is that it is based on their perception – not always on “reality.” Whatever that is.

Which means you can get the unfair advantage when it comes to attracting the man you want.

I will share more on how to do it in a while …

For now, let’s move on to:

How to Get a Man to Love You – Tip 2: She’s not a major drama …

Admittedly, some people get caught up in the drama of their lives and never let it go.

In fact, for many people, drama becomes one reason to live. They just don’t feel alive if they don’t have a lot of emotional agitation to get caught.

I’m sure you’ve met some of these people in your life, haven’t you?

Ways to Get Men to Fall in Love 7 Ways to Get Men to Fall in Love Make You Love

“No thankyou!”

Well, I can assure you that men – in general – hate drama! I a quality man In fact, she’ll run to the hills if she smells like you’re one of those women who likes to stir up gossip and do a great deal out of nothing.

Men find their happiness in PAU. Many men don’t even realize it these days. But if you can give him that peace, he will feel at home, in the arms of love.

How to Get a Man to Love You – Tip 3: Smile for him …

One of the most important factors in a man’s decision to ask a woman to marry him is how much he thinks he can make her happy.

To put it another way, men leave women who can’t make them happy.

This is really huge, and you should let it in.

This is the main reason why women who “hook” their partners tend to drive these men. apathy and eventually disconnect in the relationship. It is also the reason why chronically unhappy women only tend to attract unhappy men.

Take a minute to tell him you are happy and tell him that wordsand you will earn extra points.

how to make him fall in love 7 ways men fall in love Make him love you

Reflective words of gratitude go a long way …

I can’t remember more than one or two of the dozens of women I’ve dated who told me they enjoyed my company. A little silly if you think about it, because who doesn’t want to hear that? But it is so rare that it is not heard in the experience of most men.

Let him know when he makes you happy. It is one of the more connecting and organic things a couple can do. Sharing fun with each other is sharing LIFE with each other.

By the way, if it doesn’t make you happy – then you should probably leave the relationship.

Life is too short to waste in a relationship you choose to engage in.

How to Get a Man to Love You – Tip 4: Do it HE Take a smile…

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. If you can be a fun-loving girl who will make you happy, you will notice.

Surprise him from time to time with a night out where there are no expectations, no judgments, no heavy conversations about “where this is going”.

Instead, make sure he smiles and has fun with you. That will be the best indicator of the health of your relationship.

How to Get a Man to Love You – Tip 5: Your fuse is on …

Men feel passionate when they are romantically involved with a woman. And one of the most important things for him is to feel that she feels that too.

I’m not just talking about sex here … I’m talking about lighted dynamite stick per your life i your own purpose.

So turn on your fuse your life!

The more passion you have, the more passion you will feel, and the more love you will feel.

In a man’s mind:

Passion = Love

If you are not passionate about your own life it will be hard for you to believe that you feel this kind of love he. And he must believe that your love is sincere and real.

Guys don’t want a woman addicted to instant messaging instant gratification. We want a woman like that he barely has time to send us a text message because he has a LIFE.

Think of that …

How to get a man to love you – Tip 6: You’re on the offensive – NOT on the defensive …

As much as the media likes to reproduce the image of confident men, arrogant idiots … or robotic killing machines …

I she interprets modern women as talking hard heroines, hard fighters …

(Mine how times have changed)

… The truth is that when it comes to love, we want someone to unleash our feelings of love and desire. I that person is the old-school female / male we remember from those old Clark Gable and Carey Grant movies.

Men especially want a woman who does not try to protect her heart and being TOO difficult to achieve. If you are on the defensive, trying to protect yourself (or some unresolved things in you), then your heart is not open.

Ways to Fall in Love 7 Ways Men Fall in Love Make you love them

It can be done.

A lot of people are emotionally unavailable, and then use it to block love in your relationship. And then, when the man gets tired of being alone in the relationship and leaves, she laments how “emotionally distant” he was.

Men I women use this strategy …!

Remember that you want to run towards the goal, not spend all your time protecting the ball.

When you’re on the defensive all the time trying to safeguard yourself instead of growing up together, this is the strategy I call “playing NO-lose. “And in love it doesn’t work …

How to Get a Man to Love You – Tip 7: Lock Your Lego Blogs …

You may think I’m talking about compatibility here, but I’m not. “Compatibility” – in the traditional sense – does not correlate with success in relationships.

The most important thing is what I call yours Emotional compatibility . That’s how well you both behave and managing the emotional states of others.

  • Do you trigger jealousy? Does he trigger yours?
  • Is he able to overcome disagreements without being disproportionate?
  • Are you both aware of each other’s emotional state? Intuitively?
  • Do you know what other people’s painful points are?

If you do, you’re 100 times more likely to have a successful relationship than people who only try to align minor compatibilities, such as:

  • He likes the same food
  • He likes the same music
  • They like the same movies
  • Etc.

I’m not saying these things don’t make sense, but they are only between 10 and 20% in the overall picture of a relationship’s success.

It is much more important that you both know how to manage your emotions with each other. i keep loving each other.

Make Men Fall In Love With You 7 Ways Men Fall In Love Make You Love Him

For a lasting connection, have a shared purpose …

I that maintaining that connection is a priority for you!

You see, guys won’t admit when they fall in love with you, especially if they think it’s before YOU! He will hide his feelings so as not to appear “weak” or vulnerable.

But the truth is he will fall in love long before you think.

The problem for you is if you don’t know when she falls in love with you, and you too:

  • Assuming he’s in love with you, and he is no
  • or assuming it is no in love with you when he is...

If you don’t know where he is with you, you can go wrong.

If you are wondering where you are with your husband right now, you need to know before you do anything else that could shake the foundations of your relationship.

Go see this presentation on how to connect with your man …

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