6 Signs He’s THAT Into You – Dating Advice LIVE ft. Mark Rosenfeld & Mat Shaffer

Why Do Women Give Me a Tough Time When I Approach?

It’s all about your approach – you mess up here and it can be embarrassing as you may have discovered in the past. Whether you are approaching on the street, in a cafe, in a bar, wherever you meet women – delivery is as important as what you say when you do approach – 80% body language is how we communicate, so be wary of what you are communicating to her. If you are being way too obvious in your movement toward her, or what you just said to her – beware, for you have already been judged.

5 Things to Do to a Guy to Like You

Is it just but natural that you want somebody from the opposite sex to like you because it boosts moral and confidence. That is why you always take extra precautionary measures to make yourself look good. Looks can be superficial you say, so here are a couple of suggestions to be liked by everyone inside and out.

Does He Have a Crush on You? Here Are 5 Ways to Tell!

You’ve seen him around a few times, here and there. Somehow he always seems to be there, or somewhere near you, when you least expect it. He’s friendly. You can easily see that, but how friendly? Is he just a nice polite guy?

How to Attract Beautiful Women Easily

It’s time to get the dating ball rolling. These attraction tips should get you on your way. These tips should light a fire under you and get you out of the house. Adopt these beliefs and you will surely attract beautiful women.

Are You Wondering “How to Get a Girl to Like Me?” 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Girl

Winning the heart of their loved girl is not something easy for most of the guys in this world. Most guys are still wondering how to get their girl to like them and still are in the state of misery.

4 Easy Tips on How to Pick Up Women in Bars Easily

Are you the type of man who like to go to bars to try your luck at finding women? Well, as you know, you can find various types of women at bars. However if you have no clue about how to pick up women in bars, you will get nothing. Is this what happens to you?

How to Impress Girls in a Bar or Club

Here is the scenario, you’re going to a bar or club with the intent on attracting women, getting some numbers, or some more – this is where impressions count. Women, unlike men are acute to witness who exactly comes through that bar door – the reason being that if they are single, they’ll be hoping to see a guy who is clearly what they are looking for. Here is where you start to impress girls.

Romantic Pick Up Lines – Will They Get You the Girl?

So you want to use some romantic pick up lines to get the girl of your dreams? I suggest you think carefully before using them since they only work in certain situations. Other times most of the pick up lines, no matter how romantic they are, just sound plain stupid and make you look like an idiot. As a woman I know that for a fact.

Plain Jane? Make the Guys Crazy For You

Do you envy women who always have a guy at their heels? Have you given up on finding true love because of your ordinary looks? Do you think love only comes to those who look like fashion models? Really? Then how do you explain all the ordinary looking women everywhere who have a great guy on their arm?

Carrying a Few Extra Pounds and Doubt You Can Get the Gorgeous Guys? Think Again!

Do you think good looking guys won’t give you a second glance because you’re overweight? Do you really think love is only reserved for thin women? What about personality, vivaciousness and a love for life? Believe it or not, even in this world where beauty reigns, men are still looking for more.

How to Be Like James Bond and Attract Women

How to be like James Bond and attract women? It’s the question every red-blooded, heterosexual man has asked himself while sat down watching ‘Goldfinger’, ‘A View To a Kill’, ‘Casino Royale’, etc. I am going to share with you a couple of secrets which will demonstrate how to be like James Bond.

How to Avoid the Friendzone Without Being Manipulative

One of the most common scenarios in the dating world is the situation where a man likes a woman but is too afraid to admit it initially. Falling into the friendzone (which is defined clearly in this article) is something that can be avoided very easily if you follow a few simple guidelines.

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