6 guys you shouldn’t date

Last week, we covered part 1 of my list of guys you should avoid: guys you shouldn’t date. If you haven’t already, check it out here.

But if you’re up to date, keep reading …

Stay away from this man no. 4: Name-Dropper Ned

This guy is just the opposite of Shady Steve. Not only will she want to share EVERY detail of her life with you, but she’ll make sure you know how amazing her life is.

I’m not saying guys don’t show up to some extent to impress a girl. Cap reasonable A boy will do his best to convince you of his social worth. But most guys will generally keep it SUBTLE, not too “in the face.”

d bag 6 guys you shouldn't go out with in part 2

If he is constantly talking about the interesting things he does, the showers he does at work, or the important people he is friends with, it’s time to take a look at his personality.

In many ways, Name Dropper Ned is eager for validation and will go overboard to achieve this.

Sure, it may sound fantastic and have a possible life, perhaps, but having an overly large ego could be a sign of a narcissist personality. Or a serious black hole in your self-esteem that could absorb you.

You should also observe if he likes to judge others, if he usually talks about other people’s garbage. Narcissists feel the need to be better than them, so they will do their best to criticize and overthrow them.

In fact, even with the slightest criticism, they are easily annoyed.

Try to disagree with him from time to time when you don’t come across something. Then watch him shoot and act defensively.

6 defensive guys you shouldn't go out with in Part 2

If this is the case, don’t expect him to care about the needs of anyone other than his own. This is NOT a solid ground for building a relationship, so you have to think twice to go out with Mr. Over-the-top Alpha Male.

Undateable Dude # 5: The Player

Oh, you know this guy, don’t you?

Does it sound a little too soft and / or have unusually high confidence? Is it quick to chat and put your number? 3 minutes flat?

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it could mean problems if you do it as if it were your job. He may be a master of flattery, but beware if there is an underground stream of insincerity.

If this guy barely knows anything about you, but he’s praising you, maybe he’s just telling you what you want to hear. If you get flattered immediately, you will get your validation in return.

narci 6 guys you shouldn't date, part 2

Therefore, it is more about your needs than your own. And the need that he is most interested in satisfying is to make another notch in your head.

If you want to be sure you’re dealing with a player, here are some other red flags:

  • – He is flaky, he cannot commit to the plans he has made with you. He always seems to be juggling several women …
  • – He calls you at an ungodly hour to see him or “just hang out”
  • – When he makes plans, he never cares if it’s a good time for you
  • – Keep your phone locked and guarded at all times

If you show these traits, you’re operating with a “What’s in it for me?” mentality. He loves the attention you give him, but nothing beyond that.

I know a lot of women who have dealt with this guy. Everything you do will imply that it is in you, but will withdraw when you start talking about something in the long run.

hiding 6 guys you shouldn't be dating in part 2

Either it will fall off the face of the Earth or give you the “It’s not you, it’s me” dialogue.

So don’t play the second (or third and fourth) violin on a guy who is clearly looking to drop you like a hot potato when things get serious.

Stay away from this guy # 6: The Slacker

Say hello to the opposite polar of businessman Carl. If your workaholic doesn’t have time for a girl, then Slacker has too much time.

But despite the incredible amount of time he has, he he can not he seems to fit his life or take care of himself. You’ll hear all the excuses in the book when you ask him about his goals, because he doesn’t have any.

A guy who is allergic to take responsibility for the basics of your life is not ready to have a relationship with you.

lazy bum 6 guys you shouldn't date with part 2

Worse, he will begin to rely heavily on your kindness just to function on a day-to-day basis. It will seem like you’re ready to jump into a head-to-head relationship, but it’s not the stable one, with the healthy limits you need.

Your need for you could be in the way you do your homework or pay your bills. Many women enjoy being in this situation because they feel needed for it.

But soon, The Slacker will take that for granted.

The longer you get stuck in this cycle, the harder it will be to get out of it. So play it safe with a man who just wants to make fun of you.

Also, look at your friends. Spend time with other guys than do not do it do you have much more to do?

This is an important clue that will tell you if it is a boy to keep or a boy to avoid going out.

Always consider your level of ambition before you start dating a guy. Things you overlook at first will always haunt you again later.

woman thinking 6 guys you shouldn't date, part 2

Okay, now that we’ve covered the guys you need to stop dating, I wanted to give you a little more … an edge.

Aside from avoiding certain types of men, you should also pay attention to the guys you should be dating.

Date with this type # 1: Mr. positive

Unlike Triggered Tim, he doesn’t sink at the first sign of adversity. If the movie starts late or your dinner reservations are wrong, you can handle these curved balls like a big one.

good match 6 guys with whom you shouldn't go out in part 2

You need a guy who makes you feel good even when the world seems to be falling apart. A positive feeling in a relationship means that it will last much longer than another full of fear or contempt.

Watch out if he can stay calm and still be the GOOD guy he claims to be. If you do, you have a guardian.

Find this guy no. 2: Someone Who Really MATTERS

If you want to get to know people from the closest circles in your life, take note. He will introduce you to his family or best friends for him genuinely he wants you to stick with them.

Another good sign is to make a mental note of the everyday things you say or do. He will do his best to make you happy BASED on what he knows about you.

On your last date, you said you like Indian food. Your boy will remember to take you to an Indian restaurant as it is one of your preferences.

Indian food 6 guys you shouldn't go out with, part 2

And it will extend that attitude to other parts of your life, such as your favorite movie, places to stay, and all that personal stuff.

But if you’re worried that you might be dating one of the six guys you should avoid, don’t panic! You can still make it work IF you know its connection code.

You see, all guys have their own unique way of connecting with you. If you find out (which is very EASY to do), then you have what it takes to create a beautiful and lasting relationship with him.

All you have to do is take a look at my new course on this, and you can get started as early as TODAY.

Go here now for more information on how to connect with your boyfriend.

UPDATED: 10/5/2021

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