5 Ways to Unlock a Man’s Heart

In dating and relationships, there are many ways to unlock a man’s heart. Some work better than others, though.

It is an undeniable fact that there is there is no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect relationship. We all have defects.

If you think this woman is so lucky to have this “perfect man” – well, I don’t like to break it for you. There is no charming prince out there …

There is only the best man for YOU. (But the good news is, there are many!)

What happened was that woman had just done it its own version of him. It’s really simple … guys are without complications human beings.

All they need is food, sex and fun.

Women enjoy these too, that’s all you can use these three to open your heart …

How To Unlock A Man’s Heart # 1: Cook For Him

“The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach” He must have heard that a lot!

It works? Apparently YES.

From time immemorial, women have always been the ones who prepare food for men. And, as they share meals together … they talk, they share stories and problems.

The food only makes one great life experience with the people around you – and it’s done throughout our history.

If you are a modern woman, FIND TIME and prepare a meal for him Occasionally. ANY boy loves it when a woman takes care of him.

You will surely have an intimate connection with him in this way.

Unlock your heart # 2: Spend your own time “ME”.

Are you always available for him? You do this from time to time to forget your own needs?

If YES and if you want to have one long and strong relationship … you have to have your INDIVIDUALITY.

Therefore, you will not waste time finding out Because he doesn’t want to spend all his free time with you.

A man needs separation from from time to time. (This is explained in the Irresistible Desire program.)

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And it’s not healthy to expect the two of you to be together … ALL THE TIME!

He needs your FREE time too. So let him hang out with his friends and do what he likes to do … like watch football, play video games.

Having your own hobbies, interests and social life will be maintained both of us interesting. In other words … don’t get bored with each other.

Remember that this is a positive way to take your relationship to the next level …

How to enter the heart of a man no. 3: Show her your FEMALE side. If you want to win your heart, BE A WOMAN!

In ancient times, women seduced men by putting red on their lips, henna on their hair, and danced for it. It’s all part of the game of seduction … And that it hasn’t really changed a lot.

No matter how much our culture forces you to be “masculine,” you need the opposite position to attract it.

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Let’s be honest here: the only kind of man he is romantic attraction to masculine energy is … well, gay.

Always remember that men are visual creatures

If you want this guy to like you … put on some makeup, put on sexy clothes and you’ll get that attention.

Don’t stop showing your figure with well-fitting clothes. Make him proud to show you.

If you want to be remembered, look for a good perfume too. Use the same fragrance every time you see it. Wherever you are, when you smell that smell, it will always remind you.

How to Open a Man’s Heart # 4: Sex

Men think about sex most of the time, and it really is their driving force. According to statistics, up to 90% of men think it is hot when a woman has a great sexual drive.

It makes you want sex even more.

This may seem unromantic to you, but MEN love it when women do take the initiative. So try to figure out what you like and you’ll be amazed at what this might look like beneficial by building a fort with your man.

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How to unlock the heart of a man no. 5: Be kind to your friends

When he wants you to meet his friends, it means he wants to see how you do it get along with them.

Don’t get frustrated, just be kind and kind. NEVER roll your eyes if you get bored with them.

Try to show real interest in getting there meet your friends.

Just relax, engage in conversations, listen, and be amazed at how much information you can find about him. That you will definitely find useful.

If you really want to win his heart and be irresistibly wanted by him, watch this presentation …

Make it simple.

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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