5 ways to flirt with a guy

One of the most important things for a woman is to be able to flirt with a guy, and not be obvious about it.

  • You want to get their attention, but you don’t want them to to know you are trying to get his attention.
  • You want me to find you attractive, but you don’t want me to think you’re interested too soon …

The woman thinks of 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

It’s a delicate balancing act to flirt with men. On the one hand, you want to throw a few sparks, but on the other hand, you don’t want to get out there, just in case you’re not interested.

The beauty of flirting is that guys love to play, even if it doesn’t ‘win’.

The problem with many of the “traditional” tips on flirting is that it’s all based on a very old ritual of “getting closer … getting away.”

It’s that worn-out cliché where you have to play “hard to get” if you want to get interested.

There are body language tricks as well as verbal methods to provoke a bit of attraction, if you know how they work.

I’ll show you 5 ways to flirt with a guy who works, and it doesn’t look like you’re trying …

Flirt your way to your heart – Tip 1: Walk glamorously

In the mid-1900s, it was difficult to find a woman who did not know how to show off her things while walking. The girls even trained to walk more attractively using various posture tricks to make him notice.

Turn your head 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

You may have seen one of those old movies where women walked around with a few books balanced on their heads to straighten their backs.

You want to look safe, but you don’t want to walk like a man.

And if you go with high heels, you have a whole new set of challenges.

First, heel walk.

The easiest way to look like an amateur is to put all your foot in at once. This creates the classic wobbly “baby giraffe” look on your walk that looks unnatural and unstable.

Then cross your path.

Look at how sexy women walk in the movies … it’s a rehearsal walk that looks fantastic when you nail it, emphasizing your hips and asses in a way that will turn your head upside down.

work it out 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

Imagine you are walking on a loose rope and each step should be directly in front of the previous one. This will cause your legs to pivot from the hip and create a completely lovely movement as you move.

Don’t make fun of me! It works to enhance your femininity. Before there were classes on how to walk and introduce yourself as more feminine.

How to flirt with a boy – Tip 2: open up, girl

Body language is essence flirting. And if there is one thing that will draw you to it, it is to have an open, warm and welcoming body language.

Unfortunately, in today’s social climate, many women feel intimidated by their exposure to men on a day-to-day basis.

closed 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

Appearing “open” can often be a very daunting prospect, as you don’t want to get unwanted attention. It’s a catch-22 which means that unfortunately you keep all the attention.

And let’s be honest: you want men to notice you.

However, it is possible to look kind and warm without becoming a sexual object.

It’s all about the subtleties of your body language.

First, keep your arms from crossing when standing or waiting. This is one of the most obvious ways in which women can seem intimidating and closed-minded.

Plus, you’ll want to keep your hands open. In general, you shouldn’t be in a hurry, should you?

to taste 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

When I show people how they are all tense with their body, they are often surprised. We’re all walking like knotted ropes, and then we wonder why we need a back massage every day.

Lower the tension and you will find it much less intimidating.

Flirting with a man – Tip 3: Accidental contact

For a man, nothing illuminates our attraction like physical contact with a woman.

First of all, what you need to remember is that unless you are in a committed and loving relationship, every man you know is hungry for physical affection and love.

Women touch on 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

We just don’t have much contact in our day to day life.

Women get a lot of touches between people of the same sex as well as the opposite sex.

But from their childhood years, boys hug and touch each other significantly less than its female counterparts.

Which means men walk almost completely trapped in their bubble of isolation.

We’re almost desperate to connect with just about anyone to end the physical isolation.

I often advise men who struggle with their loneliness and their feelings of physical isolation to go get a massage from a good masseuse, just to alleviate this hunger for physical connection.

While clumsy boys are never a good thing, perhaps understanding this fact about men will increase your compassion for him and his situation. He is sensitive because he is very hungry.

And when a guy sees an attractive woman, his first impulse is to touch her.

(Just look at a man as he approaches a hot sports car … the first thing he does is grab him visually and then run his hands through the sleek curves …)

Stylish car 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

But this is something you can use to your advantage …

When talking and flirting with a guy, the best option is to plan a few “accidental” touches.

Playing is a subtle way of flirting that pays big dividends. Brushing his shoulder with yours or pushing him playfully or a playful slap on his arm indicates that you are comfortable close to him.

Touching him lightly on the knee, removing his hair from his face or touching his hands are coquettish signs that you would like to get even closer to him.

Don’t underestimate the power of touch to put a man under your spell when you’re flirting with him.

One of the best ways to touch a man to illuminate his desire is to put your hand on the top of your arm as you go through it. You can also do this in a conversation while you have an idea.

Pay attention to your answer: you will most likely see your back slightly stiff and your chest slightly swollen. This is a natural change in the body when touched by a woman.

Victorian couple 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

It is priceless to put it under your spell.

Tip 4 for quick and magical flirting: appreciate, accept and compliment

If you like it, you have to let them know in a simple way. But the best way to get him to respond to your interest is to show him the triple blow of flirting behavior.

The 3 elements of a Grand Slam flirtation are:

– I appreciate it

Men yearn for appreciation like … WOMEN yearn appreciation.

appreciation 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

But even more so. Boys should be grateful to you, because again, as with physical desire, men do not receive much appreciation for their efforts.

And unlike women, appreciation is a vital part of a man’s motivation. If he spends too much time without recognition and appreciation, he will lose interest in the woman.

If he is in a relationship, he will also be inspired to divert his interest towards the woman who does give him the recognition and appreciation he needs.

So be careful! Losing this could jeopardize your relationship.

red flag 2 5 Ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

And before arguing, “But Carlos, if he turns his head at every girl who compliments him, he’s a player, and I can’t trust him!”

I’m sorry, but it couldn’t be anything further away of the truth.

I assure you that all women would love to receive the kind of attention they lack in their relationship, and no one could blame them.

Our job in our relationships is to always be working to provide what our partner needs from us, as well as making sure we don’t take it for granted.

And a well-placed compliment is the best way to get a man to pay attention to you.

to the attention 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

Yes, feeding your ego is a good thing, ladies …

How to flirt with guys – Tip 5: Tell a secret

The best thing you can do to unconsciously activate a man’s interest is to get into his personal bubble.

We usually keep the space 18 inches from our body reserved for close friends and close connections. You may not believe it if you’ve seen the people of Tokyo pack up in subway cars, but it’s true.

rat race 3 5 Ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

The fun part of this “intimate” area of ​​personal space is that it also works the other way around. If you move to this area, the other person will assume that you must be an intimate connection.

That’s why you MUST use this tip to your advantage …

The next time you meet a guy you want to flirt with, just find an excuse to whisper something in his ear. Tell him a secret.

Whatever the excuse, it’s sure to come close. And when you do, you will feel that visceral tickle that happens when you are away from kissing.

Everyone has this electric sensation when you get so close.

zapped 5 ways to flirt with a guy and not be obvious

It’s an easy way to “trick” your nervous system into thinking you’re someone very close to it, not just physically, but emotionally.

And this is just the BEGINNING: Once you’ve started applying these flirting tips and sparked their interest, my powerful course on IRRESISTIBLE DESIRE will push you completely.

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UPDATED ON 2/10/2021

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