3 Ways to Get a Man to Engage With You

Every woman I know would like to know how to get a man to commit to you.

Have you ever been caught fantasizing? yours future relationship? Is he making that commitment to you?

I used to imagine winning the hand of the girl I liked the most at the time. (That was high school, but it still counts.) I imagined myself to be the guy who overcame all obstacles to make it mine.

You may have had similar dreams …

  • The guy you’ve always had his eye on approaches you and starts flirting …
  • He asks you out and you have that wonderful moment when you realize that this guy is a trap …
  • Your date is going great, and you start seeing each other at every opportunity …
  • One day, he seems to just “get you” and you’re feeling that deep connection with him …

1 dedicate me 3 ways to get a man to commit to you

If this sounds like a dream to you, maybe it’s because you’ve tried so hard for a man …

Do not do it lose hope!

What a man really wants in life is to find the woman who will make him a better man when he is with her.

This is the key to what I’m going to show you here today.

Because there is a way to get a man to dedicate his heart and soul to you …

You can make a man want nothing more than to spend his life with you.

Today I will give you 3 ways to get a man to engage with you.

But first, I will reveal something that prevents a man from engaging.

It is the only thing that will make him run away from a relationship, and it is the main cause almost every broken commitment I’ve ever seen.

Would you like to know what it is?

The only thing that ruins more engagements and possible engagements (and sometimes even marriages) is THIS:

Focus on what YOU need more than what HE needs.

Oh, I know I’ll hear a reaction to that … but it’s true.

Just as it is true that MEN need to focus on what YOU need more than what HE needs.

This is the recipe for a growing and prosperous relationship, if AMBUS keeps your focus on the OTHER person.

2 focus the other person 3 ways to get a man to engage with you

And their needs in the relationship.

I call this natural attraction: positive momentum forward.

Because it will take its own energy and take your relationship to the next level.

But back to the side you can control: YOU.

Instead of focusing on making her feel joy, excitement, and happiness when she is with her, many women only focus on their own worries, fears, needs, and desires.

When you are consumed with what you are no getting it, you’re not giving.

And this is essential for the health of your connection and your love.

And I will also tell you that the most important part of this is in WHO YOU CHOOSE for your “running mate” in life. Choose the right man and that will be easy.

Because if you’re consumed by insecurity and can’t give you what you want, from the first moment you’ll have a fight up. And no amount of love or commitment on your part can change that.

And there is a simple reason why this works against you, and a simple solution to make him want to commit to you that you want.

I’ll get back to that in a moment, because now I want to show you some of the ways you can cast a spell of love and devotion on the man in your life right now.

So let’s dig deep with …

Get him to commit – number 1 – give him more options, not less

One thing I have noticed in many relationships is a kind of mistrust on the part of one or both people. And he usually starts with the woman thinking that the man will fall in bed with the first woman who shows him some cleavage.

So what does she do? She strengthens her grip on him.

She tries to restrict her options, her time and her opportunities. Because all of this seems to be a threat to their relationship. And then the insecurities begin take control.

There’s a big metaphor for this: when you grab sand, cover it and gently grab it, and you can carry a huge amount. But if you grab it with your fist hard, it escapes between your fingers.

3 sand 3 ways to get a man to engage with you

The same goes for love in your relationship.

It’s complicated, because when you sit down and need that statement that he’s there for you, and then you don’t get it … that makes you panic.

It’s like having a little discussion and then he refuses to give you a hug. This is a high risk emotional trigger.

So the best thing for you is to do it no put yourself in that position.

The more choices you give a man, the freer he feels. The freer he feels, the more man he feels.

It is not something that is easy for a woman to understand, this need for liberation. But it is programmed directly into him.

Is no a freedom or permission from you to recklessly persecute women wherever you go. (Just information that most men are shy about harassing women anyway. It’s not something to worry about.)

But the really weird part of understanding is that the freer you are, the more it comes back to you.

It sounds like a total WTF, but it’s true. Jen, my wife, makes it clear that she will give me all the freedom I want.

And ironically, freedom just makes me want to get into what I’m doing.

So make him feel that he is not under house arrest, and he will be so happy to have found you …

MAKE THIS MAN WANT YOU FOREVER – # 2: Keep Chemistry at “High”

Look, there’s a big reason why men start relationships in the first place. And yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.

One thing I tell my clients is that women CHOOSE sex and love it.

Men love sex and need it.

It is the default method for men to connect with women. So remember how important it is for him to keep that connection with you.

Keep that chemistry high and he’ll keep coming back. It is a fact.

4 high chemistry 3 ways to get a man to commit to you

Be sexy, as I always say.

A man is forced to come back to you again and again when he feels this sexual attraction that drives him.

Sex is a primary force in men and makes them want it nurture and protect his wife when he feels attached to her in this way. So you have to appeal to your wired instincts – it’s a safe way to stay connected with you.

Show him how much you want and you will have instilled that “positive forward push” that I mentioned. Men are as motivated to be desired as women are.

And your little efforts to stay sexy for him will always make it easier for him to see you for a long time:

  • – A little perfume in a provocative place …
  • – A slightly lower cut on the front of this blouse …
  • – Fits a little tighter at the back …

Sex is a powerful force for engagement, so use it for what you need most: more connection to it.

Commitment Board no. 3: break with it

Okay, sex is really the easy part. And this step towards commitment is the the biggest of the three, in my opinion.

But I also realize that maybe you feel like that’s all you’ve been doing, right? Trying to reach him – enter his consciousness. Does it feel like an uphill battle?

To enter the world of a man, you must prove that you know what it is like for a man.

In the last 10-15 years, men have been flooded with female consciousness. And it has been bo!

I know I am grateful to be aware of all the things that women go through every day.

No, I am no you will stop appreciating beauty because some people run “offenses” all the time around the world. But I am much more sensitive than ever to my “manly moments.”

(Again, most people misinterpret genuine visual appreciation as a form of misogyny. Which, folks, is not.)

But men have also tried to grow in this same world with women, and not a bit of understanding has been left to them.

5 without understanding 3 ways to get a man to commit to you

Women continue, in many circles, to be ill-informed or ill-educated about what men think, want, and ARE. I do my best to tell you the truth about a man’s experience here, if you’re interested in listening, and I think you do.

So if you want a man to commit to you, do this thing better than all the other girls who group him and you will always win:

Understand it better than they do! He knows what he wants, and show him that you are with him … his ally and his friend.

The truth of these 3 steps I took to get you engaged is this:

All you need to do is focus on how to make it look like font of all his joy and happiness.

Not at your own expense, of course. In a healthy and affirmative way.

Because the more we are trapped within our low self-esteem, low self-confidence and insecurity …

The more we get stuck there, the less we can give to other people. And they feel like we really are an energy sucker. And that won’t win the commitment you want.

6 not winning the engagement 3 ways to get a man to commit to you

When you are a true source of happiness for a man, he will do anything for you. He will commit to you.

He will promise to love you forever …

And he will be loyal to you too, no matter what.

Take it from me – a man. I’ve been with my wife for over 10 years and am more in love with her than when we first met. Just because it always makes me feel better when I’m around.

Focus HERE …

And this can also be your happiness!

The compromise is just around the corner and you may not even know it.

Here’s something you may not know: men to know when it’s time to get engaged to the right girl.

You see, there is this Law of Love that all men instinctively obey. They have almost no choice but to follow you and commit to you when they recognize you for what they are.

However, you need to figure out how to turn this change on in your boyfriend’s mind so that he or she will pay attention and follow this Law of Love.

Is beyond logic and reasoning, so you can’t get into his heart or convince him you’re the only one.

7 last 3 ways to get a man to commit to you

But when you find out, he’ll act so “out of character” that you might not recognize who this crazy, enamored guy is. Trust me, desire will be consumed when you reach a certain part of your brain.

In this video I will show you exactly how the male mind works and find out what triggers a man’s desire to be 100% committed to his wife.

This could be the most important presentation you need to take your love life to an incredibly passionate new level – click here to see it now.

UPDATED ON 10/7/2021

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