3 Ways to Get a Boy Like You

If you’re like most women, you might be wondering how you can make a guy like you … and without feeling like a necessity! This is what I want to show you today …


Okay, Carlos, I’ve been working jo – and listening to you. And I’ve improved my dating game! I know men, they are interested, but then in the initial stage of dating, dating / romance, I miss them.

But I’m learning so this time I try to detect my mistakes quickly … [I] bought the Soulmate Signal and Commitment programs. I broke the rules and fell into traps before I got them, but I haven’t lost the boy … yet.

Initially he wanted to see me every day, then he backed away … don’t worry, I gave him space. Thanks for this training! He came back hot and heavy and spoke saying that he didn’t see anyone else …

I thought it was great, but it was too soon! Now I know I’m moving too fast in relationships instead of letting them build over time. So I stumbled upon terrible statements like, “You’re different,” “I’m not interested in seeing anyone else,” and I’m sure I don’t remember any other things.

Let’s go back to the game of going / approaching. But I always ignore him and give him his space. (I really learned something from you about this and it works)

He canceled our appointment saying he unexpectedly had to have his son this weekend. I took it at face value, I didn’t say anything else that you’re a great dad, but I wish I could see you (I know it seems necessary to look back).

He’s been sending messages intermittently since then and we’ve also had some steam messages, so I know he’s still interested.

Here is my question …

I went out as a necessity and demanding a commitment instead of enjoying romance and time together. How can I step back without making him think it’s a punishment?

How do I put the brakes on since we already said that neither of us see other people prematurely without endangering the connection and chemistry …?

I would appreciate your advice in this regard because so far everything has worked! I have a fabulous guy on the hook.

I just need to know how to roll it up so that the line doesn’t break or stray from this hook until I decide I need to move on or we commit …


– Barbara Lynn J. – St. Anthony


Isn’t that great with ease? fishing does the metaphor work for dating guys? We humans are like fish, and the same principles apply.

(Although I will confess, I had never fished before.)

So let’s talk about getting this guy to be your precious catch.

First of all, you are on the right track. You have my Soulmate Signal program, so you already have the jump on it.

The hardest part about going out with a guy is you to want get close to him, and he wants to get close to you, believe it or not.

BUT – each person has their own fears of being run over in the relationship.

If a woman approaches him too quickly, she might see that this is “necessary.”

And you know what she needs, she’ll take it away faster than a vampire’s breath of garlic …

Here are 3 ways to get a guy to like you, and to create intimacy, without having to seem needy, or play with him.

Before I begin – I want to point out something that many women do maybe not to realize.

Barbara said, “… we’ve had some exciting texts, too, so I know she’s still interested.”

You may have had some interesting text messages, but you still need to connect with YOU that fancy woman you can imagine in your head.

Remember that text messages depend on the image you created in your head, and this is what you remember when you both get caught up in your crazy sexting sessions.

So remember that this imagined woman is always staring you in the head, so remember that there is no substitute for what you, and only you, can make her feel.

You want this guy to think you’re yours soul mate, after all. And that will erase any other woman from his mind.

Now, let’s go straight to the 3 ways you can approach this guy:

Make it work – Tip 1: Make it open to you

If you really want this guy to want you, you have to create a real emotional connection with him. Emotional intimacy is what will keep a guy invested in you long term.

Let’s face it – you may not be able to compete with the body of a 20-year-old woman with flawless skin.

You have something even better that a boy can lock you up and make him monogamous forever: years of memories and emotional connection.

Not to mention, knowing these secret places to touch when you’re in bed is also a good plus.

Men feel strong chemistry with a woman with whom they have had physical intimacy. But for it to feel strong emotional intimacy, you have to get it to open up to you.

You need to create a security zone around you and him allows let him open up and tell you things he won’t tell other women.

(NOTE: most women have no idea how to make men feel this. I reveal this in The Soulmate Signal …)

There are two steps to emotional security for him:

  1. Risk vulnerability by revealing your hopes, dreams, fears, etc. Trust him FIRST and reveal what is intimate to you.
  2. Let him comfort you and calm you down when you are down.

This will make you want to be more open to yourself.

Make her draw her heart – Tip 2: Stop crying.

Were you scared when you read it? I like to be a little shocked sometimes …

But I’m actually talking about a very specific type of crying.

Question: Are you complaining a lot?

Or – do you reveal how you feel … gently?

This distinction will make all the difference in your relationship.

EXAMPLE: A complainant will come home and talk to her husband. She will tell you everything that is going on, whether it is relevant or not.

He will throw his anxieties and problems on him, as if he were a dump for bad emotions.

Here’s another way:

EXAMPLE: An open woman will talk about her feelings with her husband while she registers with him from time to time. Make sure it is not overwhelmed or overloaded.

She looks to see what her words are Connecting with him and without confusing him further. She knows when to stop and let him recover.

And she’s not resentful because she’s “just not listening to me.”

She knows that at the moment her ability to deal with emotional conversation has been exhausted.

There are two very different ways to handle this.

The woman who knows how to do it reveal she herself will receive from a man her good will and love.

The groan will drive her away and away …

How to Make Him Like You – Tip 3: Worship him physically

  • Touch it …
  • Caress it …
  • She adores your man physically.

Many women are afraid that they will just “start” it, that is, wake them up to have sex. But the reality is that men crave physical affection month than most women.

The reason goes back to how men socialize.

Most boys do not get much physical affection after the age of 9 or 10. He begins to disconnect more and more from his parents and the boys show no physical affection for each other.

Most of the time it is a rough house.

As she gets older and wants women, this longing for close physical contact only deepens.

Sometimes it even creates psychological problems, leading to behaviors that can not only be annoying, but also horrifying.

If you’ve ever wondered why certain guys are so sensitive to women, inappropriately, this is usually the cause.

A man longs for a physical connection that he often cannot satisfy.

So when you have a man in your life, touch him with love.

Now, there are two types of romantic touch: the necessary touch and the giving touch.

The touch needed is when a woman needs comfort and peace of mind, so she constantly stretches and stretches to be close.

Giving the touch is when she is pouring love through her hands and body, giving it to make her feel good. It’s like a tactile appreciation.

The boys know the difference between these two instantly.

He will move away from the needy touch and feel a sense of suffocation.

It does so because it is so no the kind of touch he craves. And it robs you of energy, it doesn’t replenish it.

When you touch a man in a way that seems to ask him to touch you again, this is touch needed.

On the other hand, if you can only melt in contact with him, you will want to give him a touch.

Of course, if there is tension between the two of you, it is carry do this. So be sure to resolve your disconnection feelings before attempting to reconnect using physical contact.

Remember: If you’re angry with your man, you don’t have to force him to melt with his touch, but you don’t have to walk away like he’s repulsive either. This is emotionally compelling for a man.

Just let him know that you need some time.

Then take that time, let it go, and love and touch again.

You’ve asked how you can get away from him now that you know you’ve come a little needy.

Well, the truth is, there is no need to back down!

Just change direction a bit.

Sometimes it can be “withdrawn.” without retiring at all.

Just use these 3 strategies to make you feel a new kind of warmth and love on your part. These tips do it without making you feel like a necessity; in fact, it is quite the opposite.

He will feel a warm and nourishing love from you that will want MORE.

And all you have to do is go home – or go to work that day – and it will make you want to go.

Right now, you may be wondering what these tips have to do with getting a man to like you more and want you …

After all, what has it got to do with getting a man to open up to you, knowing when to stop crying and loving him with your touch and getting him to adore you?

  • Shouldn’t you be learning so-called words that make you fall to your knees and worship you?
  • Shouldn’t I show you this secret “bitch” tactic that will make you love me more?

I could show you all the things, and more …

But them he won’t help you unlock your heart and make her really want you the way you want. In fact, the kind of man you want to capture won’t be “tricked” into falling in love.

You need to know how to make him realize that you are the ONE for him.

This means that you need to know THE signal that will draw your soul mate to YOU.

Is no about manipulative games or deceptions. It comes from a place of genuine loving warmth within you.

There is a sign a man is looking for before he allows you to enter his heart. It is called the sign of the soul mate.

Do you know what the signal is and why you should see it?

Find out what the Soulmate signal is by clicking HERE

UPDATED: 10/4/2021

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