3 steps to prevent it from taking you for granted

There are steps you can take to prevent your husband from taking you for granted.

You may have even wondered:

  • “Why are the people we chase running away from us?”
  • “Why can’t we have what we want most?”

These two questions define the citations for aa LOT of women. Maybe even YOU?

And it is one frustrating paradox that they have to deal with when it comes to dealing with men.

You may have asked yourself these questions at some point. And if you are yet looking for the answers, let me share a little insight with you.

You see, I’ve noticed a common pattern with my clients over the years. Most of them have a single man who seems like they can’t shut up no matter how hard they try.

And this is the main problem, really: they are trying too hard.

Here’s a little secret about men: the more you chase them, the faster they’ll run away.

It’s not because ALL men are “players” (although I admit there are many) or cruel by nature.

It is more about basic human psychology. There is something about “I need this to work no matter what”Attitude that drives men away.

I asked my friends about it, and most of them said they understood Switched off when they feel that a girl is too “intense”. When a boy begins to feel this way, he will do the following:

  • Anant offline (that is, not answering your hundreds of calls, emails, and messages).
  • Be in general not available with a lot of excuses waiting: “I need to work early tomorrow”, “I’m very busy at work”, etc.
  • If he does keep in touch, it will only be for the occasional call to the last minuteand it doesn’t matter if it’s a bad time for you or if you’ve already made other plans.

Sound familiar?

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Don’t worry, though, there’s a way to cut this behavior so you don’t end up having to chase it like a fugitive on the run:

Num. 1: Stop moving and leave home

Your life comes to grinding stop every time a new guy appears in the picture?

Post all your appointments waitingcancel plans you made weeks ago and get up your friends?

Do you end up staying home in case he contacts you? Are you like the firemen, ready to leave any time you arrive? that named?

You know where I’m going with this.

Fight the urge to turn your life upside down for someone you just met.

I’ll be honest with you – most guys wouldn’t do the same with a new girl, even if they are in it.

They would prefer play it well and go on with their lives so that they do not seem needy or desperate.

So do the same and show them (in a subtle way) that you have enough confidence to keep your daily schedule intact even if you see it.

Disassembling your schedule just so you can see it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week send it to bad message to a new.

Once you get close, you could take advantage of yours all or nothing attitude and keep hanging that carrot on your face.

Or maybe you find it too much and it goes off.

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So when you are asked to go out on a day that is not good for you, let them know.

Give him one alternative instead of saying “YES!” immediately.

For example, you could say something like, “Hey, that sounds great, but Tuesday is going to be crazy for me, but I’m fine on Thursday or Friday …”

As casual as this sounds, it goes a long way in training proper printing in his head. You will learn to consider your own plans without making them seem aggressive or “difficult to achieve.”

Note on the side: Be honest with him and with yourself. make sure really You have plans for those days, not just inventing things not more seem busy.

Otherwise, it could counterproductive about you when you see through wit.

# 2: Stop dissecting your texts (for your peace of mind)

Don’t sift through your messages and emails. Resist the temptation a disassemble every word he said on your last date. This is the path to madness.

However, relax and pays attention to his general behavior However. Are your actions consistent with your words?

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. excuses.

When you do this on a REGULAR basis, what does that tell you?

It’s easy to overlook these things when you’re stuck emotion to meet someone new. But if you want to know what their intentions are, be careful what it does – and NOT what he says.

If all the signs point to the fact that it is not really interested in a relationship, it’s time to do it stop cheering the mal his behavior.

The classic mistake is to give Mr. Don’t show the impression that it’s okay to be treated like one last minute option instead of a priority. And when that happens, he’ll think he’s fine lazy and follow the “the status quo”.

end im 300x199 3 Steps to Prevent You

And it amazes me when some women wonder why men act that way. They don’t realize they are allowing the same behavior they hate in boys!

# 3: Stop chasing him

If you’ve noticed that he’s not being honest with you, the worst thing you can do is YET go after him.

It’s like saying, “You’ve been treating me like shit, but I don’t mind coming back for more.”

To reverse this pattern, you need to slow down your behavior in a blatant way.

Reduce a bit. Don’t take the initiative to contact him, let him wonder what you are doing.

Don’t spend more than a quarter of an hour waiting for him if he arrives chronically late … Just go and make other plans.

When he calls to ask where you are, tell him, “I had to go because you weren’t there; maybe we can reschedule if I’m not too busy next week.”

Don’t attend a conference with him, he will just do it tune in. But when you respond appropriately to bad behavior (that is, keep doing your things if it doesn’t show up), take note and get off your ass.

So, when you do these three steps, one of two things can happen:

First, I might stop calling you and disappear for good. That means it has happened to someone else.

Trust me, you don’t want to be THIS woman.

Besides, MAY consider it a loss on your part. You just deleted someone it wasn’t a good match for you.

The other possibility is that it is taught and stop taking it for granted. When that happens, you’ll notice that he’ll be “up to par” with you and make plans ahead of time.

He will realize that he should not be wasting your valuable time, or just show up whenever he wants.

And that’s what makes a woman attractive to boys – she walks away at your own pace instead of dropping it all in the next moment.

Above all, the smart woman it doesn’t demand respect: he just packs up and leaves when he can’t.

In other words, it will realize its value and behave accordingly. Sometimes it is necessary go back a little to show you what life is like with LESS of you.

However, in addition to making it “see the light”, there is another POWERFUL way to launch its integrated attraction mechanism.

It’s just a matter of pushing the right. “button“in your mind (trust me, each the boy has one) so he will irrevocably decide to choose YOU over the other women in his life.

You will experience a wave of strong emotions for you that cannot be overcome, putting it in a “high love“status.

Once you have it like this, you will have almost no choice but to dedicate yourself to it FOR GOOD.

And the easiest way to do that is with Always yours, an online course designed specifically for this purpose. It is based on the concept of taking advantage of a boy’s natural ability to engage with the right woman.

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Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

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