3 repulsive relationship habits that men hate

Habits can be good or bad. I want to show you 3 repulsive (bad!) Habits that men hate.

The most curious of habits is that people often I do not know they are doing them. When a certain pattern takes over, they happen in silence and before you know it, a series of behaviors become “routine. ‘

But not all behaviors are positive: some may prevent us from being better people or better partners.

So today, let’s take a look at what women can do to avoid negative habits that can gradually undermine their relationship.

# 1: Don’t value your freedom

That’s the only fear all men having when entering into a relationship. In fact, it is a breakup for a man if he knows that a girl will “pile it up” or expect it to be. 24/7 call.

Guys also value their time alone, and I’ve seen a lot of relationships go wrong because they felt it suffocated.

Men are simply not made for many emotional dramaso be wary of anyone who introduces you to their lives.

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I can appreciate the fact that many women want to find that guy with whom they can settle down and share their life. Sure there are nothing wrong with this.

But guess what, the boys want it too.

It’s that they’d rather have a partner who knows when to give her space and just “do theirs” every now and then.

Hence the sexual tension anyway. A little push and pull never hurts a couple.

Let him cater to your hobbies, passions and interests. Time away will keep you both energized and fun to be with others when you see him again.

# 2: Don’t be feminine around you

Out there, in the big, bad world, we need women who are empowered, driven, and basically able to do things.

And these are male qualities – something that both of us men and women should be successful in life (not to mention making the world a better place).

But as a couple, you will also be looking for these soft, feminine qualities.

These are things like being emotionally sensitive, finding the joy and beauty of living, and becoming a nurturing presence in your life.

If you don’t give her your gift feminine energythere is nothing compliance its masculine essence. And this is a very important dynamic to have in your relationship.

So being the strong, independent woman you are, don’t be afraid to show her that vulnerable side that only special people like him see.

He will feel “like a man” and will want to protect you and keep you safe (even if he it doesn’t must).

# 3: Criticize it to the point of oblivion

Men value RESPECT above all in a relationship, even more so than sex.

When you don’t feel like you respect him as a person, it’s a lot emasculating for a boy. Sometimes women don’t know they are doing it while their husband is secretly feeling hurt inside.

A typical guy would base his self esteem about basic things like his career, the people he hangs out with, and his family.

It is a common mistake for women to cling to these fundamentally important things without knowing they are now going for the jugular.

As a man, I can tell you that you will only take blood, and it will not be beautiful.

If something bothers you about what your husband did or said, attack the problem i no his personality.

Men respect couples who avoid going there below the belt with accusations and not playing passive-aggressive games.

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Guys appreciate honesty, though within reason. For example, say “I hated when you ____________” or “It was really bad when you said __________.”

These are worlds apart from attacking him with statements like “You are so ___________” or “I can’t believe how you are __________”.

Calling her behavior okay. Throwing tags at him is not.

Get a boy to stay it is not all that complicated. The more positive feelings there are in the relationship, the more connected they will feel to you.

And if you’re interested in knowing their connection style, a vital component of your relationship, you can learn all about it here.

Yours, in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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