3 easy steps to make you want and addicted to you

All the women I’ve trained have asked me if there’s a way to get a guy addicted to you, because he really wants you.

After all, one of the greatest desires of almost everyone on the planet is to be loved and desired.

  • Women want it.
  • Men want it.

It’s part of our genetic code, if you will.

Sure, we may have mood swings that push us up or down, but it’s hard to go all day. without feel some kind of connection with someone special. If you’ve ever spent time away from home, you’ve not only experienced nostalgia, but also the illness of love.

illness 3 easy steps to make him addicted to you

In scientific studies, they have even shown that people become chemically addicted to love. Our brain chemistry uses dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline to make you want this love solution.

Dopamine it affects the whole body, including the genitals, sweat glands and also the senses.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in the early stages of lust or love, you sweat more? Or that the sky looks bluer?

Dopamine is partly responsible.

As a result of dopamine reaching your brain, it also affects your mood and emotions. You will experience more feelings of excitement and joy.

dopamine brain 3 easy steps to make you addicted to yourself

If you close your eyes for a second and just imagine someone who cares deeply about you, you will even notice a difference in your body. The temperature, the tingling pain for him or her …

So how do you get this love solution when you’re not sure if it’s even thinking about you?

I’ll show you today 3 steps to activate this delicious cocktail of desire in your man’s mind. After all, you already have that feeling.

This is what you can do to make him think and dream with you.

This is a scientifically proven formula that attracts a man to want you. And it all starts with:

MAKE YOU LOVE – STEP 1: Be your “Puller …”

Let me start by explaining that I think there are good addictions in life. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Love is a good addiction.

There are people who say that nothing should be allowed to get out of hand. But I think the nature of falling in love is that you NEED to go wild and out of control.

That said, I think we owe it to the person we love to be the best kind of “drug” they can get.

So you have to be his “Puller”.

Remember the 1970s?

It was common to hear a drug dealer called a “pusher.” Not a desirable term, I understand.

slater dude 3 easy steps to make him addicted to you

And it may seem a little strange to use here talking about love …

But, you see, the three steps I describe here are similar to the ways in which a “pusher” might try to make you addicted to his “product.”

Although it is not “push” at all.

So let’s call it being “Door handle“This is more of a power of attraction the stretch to your spell.

The difference is that we will do it in a way that is WINNING! And that means you have nothing to fear from using this approach.

It’s just like getting addicted to morning coffee, video games, or even texting on your cell phone.

Same principle.

So if you want to be his “Attractor”, the first step is to let him know that you are his “good time girl”. And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else.

You want your husband to feel that being with you is an incredibly fun event than he is it doesn’t I want to get lost. So you have to focus on a feeling in him:


Whenever you have the chance, you should fill out your Fun-Meter.

Some ways to show him fun are to delve into his life and find out what he likes and what interests him. It’s easy to get him to find information, if you know how he thinks.

(This is something I fully explain in my program: The connection code)

Here’s the easiest way:

The first time you meet a guy, just tell him your likes and dislikes. Be a little shy, but be vulnerable. Tell him what works and what doesn’t.

This will cause a similar reaction in him. Humans are forced to return to avoid creating a kind of “debt” with the other person.

reciprocity 3 easy steps to make you addicted to yourself

He will want to talk to you about himself in detail. And you can make a few mental notes and save them when you need them.

Another way to have fun is to boost your adrenaline.

Adrenaline is another of the “love chemicals” in your brain that activates when you fall in love. So there is nothing better than to excite him and activate love.

And the attraction comes down to the fact that it’s interesting to be with interesting people.

Instead of spending time trying to attract him, remember this:

People who are comfortable with themselves are interesting because they do things that make them happy.

And that is always very appealing.

Now, the next step is to ensure that you are the only girl you think of every day …

MAKE YOU WANT – STEP 2: The first one is free …

One of the tricks of a “pusher” is that he would give you the first sample of his product for free. “Hey, we’re all friends here! Go ahead! Try it, at home …”

But there are two principles at work:

Addiction Principle 1) You will feel compelled to “pay” later …

Remember the principle I mentioned about how we are forced to avoid “getting into debt” with someone else? It comes from a principle of persuasion known as “reciprocity.”

Reciprocity simply indicates that you feel the need to do so avoid debt to someone. It doesn’t matter if they asked for a refund or not.

Jen, my wife comes across this when she does her “random acts of kindness.” Sometimes he likes to buy someone’s coffee at Starbucks.

starbs 3 easy steps to make him addicted to you

You’ll be amazed at how many people try to pay it off by force, just for that unconscious debt.

They want to pay you, but in a way that will only deepen your relationship with them. It is not an obligation; it is opening the door to your genuine feelings of openness and desire for you.

Principle of addiction 2) He will catch it …

Yes, some people try to resist this offer of generosity. But when something so good looks you in the face like a famous love kitten, it’s hard to resist. Sin sells very well thanks to this principle.

He will gladly welcome your generosity. Especially because that’s the way it is on the contrary for him for what he usually experiences of women.

Let me take a second to explain what many men find in the first 4 or 5 dates with a woman:

– Dating the first couple: Generally great and fun. Just good times living each other.

– After the first dates: And maybe after one or two nights, something changes. It’s subtle, but a man feels that the fun and carefree part is coming to an end. Now he feels he has to “pay” for privacy with a change of commitment. The “fun” seems to be over.

Fishy follows 3 easy steps to make him addicted to you

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with that commitment in a relationship. In fact, he WANTS it. But what he doesn’t want is for everything to change 180 degrees from where it all started.

And yes, that is why many men make ghosts of women when they do get to a certain place in the relationship. It’s usually because he senses that “Change” is about to happen to you two.

So break that pattern and keep giving him some more fun “free” vouchers on this trip. It will pleasantly surprise you.

And he will keep coming back with great pleasure when he feels that the relationship can be facilitated at a less “serious” pace.

And finally, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

MAKE YOU LOVE – STEP 3: Give her the pain …

If you can give me one more reference to our drug analogy, let me explain it like this: just complete the loop that makes it back to you for its next solution.

When it comes to drugs, they do the work. When the user wants more, they feel it.

Usually when the “high” of the drug is gone.

It’s very similar to us when we’re in love. The feeling of being with someone you love is like a trait of natural ecstasy.

You’re in the Cloud Nine around you and you don’t want it to stop. When they’re gone, you’re hurt by the next “hit.”

However, you must first feel this pain. Or rather, we want HIM to feel that little stink of withdrawal.

withdrawal 3 easy steps to make him addicted to you

This is what I call “giving him the joy of missing you.”

Most women usually get in touch with him too many times after the date. Mostly because of insecurity.

Hey, who could blame you? When I went out on dates, it was always me who thought, “I wonder if I’m digging?”

Why did I think that?

Mostly because I was chasing women who were a little more distant. I found this mystery immensely sexy.

SPOILER ALERT: All men find it a bit * mild * of sexy distance.

Again, why?

Because the distance of a woman sends a message: “I am no needed. I also have control over my emotions, and although I’m dying to find out if we can get out again, I won’t ruin it by chasing this guy. “

distant woman 3 easy steps to make him addicted to you

Men know this in our most primitive inner instincts.

So the best thing you can do is let him feel this wonder and insecurity himself.

After all, I’m sure you remember how it worked for you, right?

As the saying goes, if you love a man, set him free. If he comes back, you know it’s love. If you don’t, you may never be able to do so with a smart text message the next morning.

Of course, I’m paraphrasing …

But you understand my drift.

And once you understand how your man thinks, it’s pretty easy to introduce yourself as the fun challenge he’s looking for. Each guy has a set of “secret cues” you need to figure out which ones I’ll explain in this free presentation.

Start learning to read their signals by CLICKING HERE. Once you’ve broken your code, you’ll know exactly what activates it …

UPDATED ON 10/10/2021

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