23 Powerful (and unconventional) Life Hacks for Men

Healthy masculinity lifestyle tricks for men # 11

To the ‘Hacks’ shit, go deep

The world needs no other shortcut to dominate it.

Depth cannot be hacked. Sorry.

It comes from years of commitment to something bigger than you.

Deep sex, or deep stillness, deep openness, or the creation of great art, is the result of repeated practice. Especially when we don’t want to.

Depth comes from facing death not only in the form of physical challenge, but possibly financial failure, emotional collapse, and ego dissolution.

He removed of depth, in front of a storm state of depth caused by a practice, develops over time. It comes from dedicating ourselves to a modality that makes us stronger, more available to the world, or to another human being.

Depth requires us to confront the part of us that wants to quit smoking or take shortcuts and open ourselves through our natural impulses to fight or flee to an untouchable place.

The ‘hacks’ cut us off from the possibility of exponential growth that occurs once we exceed the saturation point.

Think of anyone you know who is really cunning at what they do or who they are. I guess they have committed to a spiritual, physical, or embodied practice that has served as the basis for anything else they have added.

So if you’re reading this blog, shit, dig deeper.

Find someone to inspire you and study with him for at least a year.

Commit to mastering a modality, whether it’s meditation, sexual practice, yoga, martial arts, or fitness.

Stay longer than you want.

Deal with the programming of your childhood that is activated that tells you “Shit, I can do better on my own.”

Only then will teaching climb into your nervous system. Because you automatically respond in a way that inspires others and allows you to be in a certain way, rather than acting in a certain way.

If you want your life to unfold like a work of art that expresses the unlimited extension of your consciousness, of who you truly are as a man, shit, delve deeper!

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