10 things women do that men do crazy

There are things that women do that drive men crazy, and I want to make sure you avoid them.

Yes, I know you love your man.

You want to have him with you … forever.MenScent e1312821402662 10 things women do that men do crazy

Butyou may be doing things that irritate or alienate you.

You can avoid it by knowing them 10 things that drive men crazy.

Crazy things women do number 1: He always asks her what she is thinking

It’s always a surprise to your man when you suddenly ask him what he’s thinking. One minute you are spending a relaxing evening and then you ask questions to him when least expected.

Always asking him what he thinks he will be to bother he and will finally leave you out.

Go crazy # 2: You say, “I’m fine” when you’re not really.

You were so angry with something and he asked, “Are you okay?” – You say you’re fine. And when it comes to your business, you get even angrier.

This is confusing to him. And you have to admit it’s one little crazy.

Men are simple. It will take everything you say at face value. So stay tuned. Don’t go the long way. He will appreciate you more than hiding what you really mean.

You’re driving him crazy number 3: Being too emotional

It’s okay to feel emotions. It’s okay to cry.

But all the time? At each movie?

This is uncomfortable for him because he he doesn’t know What to do.

Try to dampen your emotions a little around you. Make him feel happy with you and don’t avoid him because you’re an emotional roller coaster.

Stop driving him crazy number 4: Talk non-stop.

Your boy could be entertained with all your elaborate and detailed stories. But make sure it is direct. Get straight to the point of your story and then finish it.

Do not do it Go round and round with the same story that should take 10 minutes to finish but it took you 6 hours!

It’s not fair to your husband.

And listening to him, you know him.

Just don’t keep talking. To leave he talk too.

Don’t drive your man crazy: Use of sex as a weapon

we go, using your husband’s basic needs to get what you really want are not fair. He creates them resentment.

Look, you want to have it with you, right? If so, give him no reason to look for someone else who can offer you something that deprives him of something.

Crazy things women do # 6: Too much makeup.

Contrary to what most women believe, men do not do it like the women they have a lot of makeup on her face and she looks almost like a clown.

You want me to look pretty, right? Then be natural.

Use makeup that accentuates you and not the other way around.

The rule of thumb is: you have to wear it, but in a way that he can’t say you wear it.

Crazy things women do # 7: Speaking of your ex.

MAY compare your husband to your ex.

They are NO the same.

Don’t talk about your past relationships unless you’re in a very comfortable state with your husband.

Talking about your past, how it ended, how your ex was an idiot will only make your husband think that maybe there is Something wrong with you.

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Crazy things women do # 8: Virtual stalking

It won’t look good on your husband if you constantly check his Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. This will only make you feel weird. She will think that you are an insecure woman and a natural harasser.

Let me miss you. Give her space. He will thank you.

Crazy things women do # 9: She wears girlfriends all the time.

When you’re with your husband, YOU ARE WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND.

Not with your friends. Your friends don’t need to know what’s going on between the two of you. Have some privacy.

Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need negative advice based on their own messy relationships. Just focus on yourself and your man.

Be happy … and enjoy it all by yourself.

Crazy things women do number 10: Nonsense questions

Questions like “What dress to wear?” “I’m pretty” “I look fat?” Is best asked when you’re with your friends and no with your husband.

This can really be duties for him. Don’t make him uncomfortable, what does he know anyway?

So let it be.

Ask your friends. They are in one best position to give you tips on fitness or fashion.

And remember that if you are fishing for compliments, you want to be more direct with him so he knows what to say.

If you avoid these 10 mistakes that women make with boys, you will keep it … AND YOU – seny …

And while you’re at it, here’s how to get him to engage with you, learning the Cupid effect!

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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