10 reasons why you need therapy now

The stigma surrounding seeing a therapist is not quite what it used to be. In fact, many understand that going to therapy does not mean that there is “something wrong with you”, but that there are things that you may not be able to see or understand in yourself that a therapist can help to enlighten and then guide yourself to remove the obstacles that have held you back individually and / or in your relationships.

When I started my private practice many years ago, it was more common to see embarrassment and embarrassment arise for people when they started therapy. They were less likely to talk about it with others because they feared that the perception of it would be negative. In recent years, however, that has changed. Many speak freely of their therapists and are in individual and couple counseling. Needing some support doesn’t have the same negative connotation as before, which I think was a repellent to seek help. Mental health education has helped to boost it tremendously. “It’s okay not to be okay,” he said. The challenges we have faced in society in recent years have also exacerbated the need to intervene around anxiety and depression, also normalizing these conditions.

More couples are entering my therapy practice without being in crisis yet, which is very helpful. More often I hear them say that they want to avoid bigger problems later, music in my ears, as I know the consequences of letting the challenges of the relationship build up. Couples who have waited until resentment is high, emotional security is low, and their communication is ineffective, they have a deeper hole to dig into.

Whether there are obstacles in the way you see yourself, how you feel, how you relate to others, or unhealthy relationship patterns, the benefit of starting this job is obvious. Those who have the ability to hold a mirror to themselves and own their role, can look at the impact of their past and stay focused on making changes in their lives now, can reap the benefits of the rest of the world. the life that finally takes off. Why wouldn’t you?

Here are 10 reasons why you need therapy now.

  1. Your self-esteem is in the toilet. It’s time to look at why this is and challenge any misconceptions about who you are.
  2. Avoiding conflicts creates problems for you. The consequences of not dealing with situations are high over time, internally and in your relationships.
  3. You are not emotionally available. Where did you learn that it was not safe to be vulnerable? You can learn to be more emotionally available and connect with others in a more rewarding way.
  4. You continue to have bad relationships. Have you considered the possibility of dealing less with troubled couples and with more of your options? Why do you lean towards unhealthy situations?
  5. You are a perfectionist. Where did you learn that you have to do things perfectly? Could it be that this was learned as a way to feel more in control in a world where you feel out of control? Perfectionism is a configuration because life is not perfect and things happen.
  6. It’s hard for you to control your anger. Need to look at your story and what is this anger really about? Has it ever served you well and no longer?
  7. Substance abuse. Are you using substances to medicate uncomfortable feelings? What emotionally needs attention?
  8. Your relationship is offline. Couples who slowly become emotionally estranged from each other often have unresolved hurt feelings or unmet needs between them. The longer the disconnect, the more risky your relationship will be.
  9. You are possessive and jealous. Where did you learn that the people you care about can leave you? It’s time to dump her and move on.
  10. Your worries take over. What can your story tell you about taking on the worst or worrying about the possibility of things going wrong? Future trips for things that haven’t even happened can be exhausting.

The reason I’m suggesting that you may “need therapy now” is because I want to encourage you to minimize your suffering as soon as possible. I also understand that while therapy is more acceptable, there are still many things that can block people, such as the fear of facing difficult things, the belief that looking back will not be helpful or possibly uncomfortable with the idea of ​​sharing his life with a stranger. . But I still hope to offer you a core of inspiration to try.

If you do not have a therapist referral on hand, please consult the Psychology Today Therapist Directory to begin your search. If you live in California, check out my online therapy practice in California. Wherever you live, if you have a specific question, I offer e-mail inquiries about emotional health / relationships as an additional resource.


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