# 1 why men walk away and how to keep him interested

In my 14 years coaching men, I discovered the exact reason why boys move away from their girlfriends and spouses.

All women have experienced this loud panic at some point or another in their relationship. It’s stressful and has probably created a gray hair or two.

(Shhh … I’m not telling anyone you pulled your hair out.)

It may have happened all of a sudden, passing you by surprise. Or maybe it would take a while to get your ugly head up.

Either way, that it feels terrible – and you need to know how to see it coming BEFORE it happens to you.

how to get a guy to like you 1 # 1 why men walk away and how to keep him interested

“Yes, here it is … my impending sense of doom …”

Before explaining this reason, you need to know Because is acting this way.

Let’s count them, starting with:

REASON 5: You feel out of place …

What I mean by that is that it is no feeling that it is all HOME Right Now.

Why is that?

Well, you have to keep in mind that there are some Some things a man must feel and think to feel like a real man:

Competent: You have to feel good about what you do. It could be baseball, reciting movie phrases or playing Magic The Gathering.

Decision maker: Must be decisive.

Solid: It should feel like steel and concrete. Like him immovable.

Stimulant: He must believe he has the power lift the others and motivate them.

Self-sufficient: It should feel like it in charge of his world and of his life.

In short, the latter is one GREAT scare for many women. Because women want to feel connected and be a part of their lives, including their problems.

But men don’t work like that, and fighting is creating anxiety for you, and driving him away.

how to meet a 1 # 1 guy why men get away and how to keep him interested

There is a unique kind of pressure we feel and it can come to us from time to time …

This is the irony of fighting against the nature of a man is that trying to approach him when he does not want to be there will drive him away.

Because when a man walks away, he goes through a lot of different emotionsand he will probably not tell you any of them, let him leave you in the dark.

And then you panic and start pulling on him more, looking quietness that “you’re fine.”

And things get out of hand, in a fit of panic and suffocation.

REASON # 4: You are stressed …

Men need to feel in control of their lives. Extra stress taxes a man, and he does move away of their relationship.

The reason it is not that you can’t help him, or that he doesn’t love you. (This is what most women assume, by the way, when they come across this one.)

He must feel that he has managed the source of his stress.

how to be a good girl 1 # 1 why men get away and how to keep him interested

Sometimes NOT everything is great …

Stress attracts all men concentrate of their relationship because it’s like trying to chew gum with ball taste. It’s fair too weird of a mixture.

This is what it feels like for a man emotionally.

Now, later, when the two of you are more engaged and closer, after using my engagement tips, you won’t have that much of a problem. He may be silent, but he will be more connected.

REASON 3: You face some challenges

This is a bit related to the last reason.

A friend of mine told me that a man can have one or two challenges, but 3 is the maximum.

After this point you have to deal with them and manage them.

And to do that, he will retire to take care of them.

Relationship Tips for Women # 1 Why Men Get Away and How to Keep You Interested

Sure, it’s frustrating, but wait … he’ll do it his way …

Some guys “pull the plug” and walk away if they only have one or two challenges. Either way, don’t take it too seriously.

Be there for him as much as you can, but don’t apply pressure. He already has enough.

REASON # 2: Feeling drowned

The boys are very protective of his freedom. That’s not to say she has to be non-monogamous (something else a woman tends to interpret about this male need).

A man is afraid of losing his independence more than anything else.

He could lose money, his keys, his wallet, his best friend … and he could recover quickly.

But no man wants to lose his freedom. Is beautiful To him…

(And if it looks like it was delivered to you quickly, it should be on warning sign to you as a woman.)

So now that you know some of these reasons why he is acting this way, you are probably wondering what is the number one reason a man walks away from you.

how to make a guy like you the first reason men walk away and how to keep him interested

If you’re off, don’t despair …

Is no something that most women understand, much less know how to identify.

The reason most women don’t see this number 1 reason is that they tend to be busy dealing with the feelings of anxiety which causes in you.

A woman is oriented to feel connected in his world. This includes your friends, family, and social media.

And she man.

When this connection is threatened or cut, puts it in a state of high alert and anxiety.

Your connections are LITERALLY your lifeline for others. A full 80% of your brain is designed to do nothing but keep your social life vibrant and alive.

  • So what’s the number one reason you’re moving away from yourself?
  • Why do men become cold and distant?
  • Why are the boys retiring?

It’s just this:

REASON # 1: The chase backfired on him …

What happened was that somewhere in the natural process of courtship, he felt that the two of you were a “done deal.” That he would you won.

You see, a man needs something in his relationship, and it’s the only thing women do NO to want. In fact, you are probably working very hard remove that of your relationship.

And his TO KILL the love between you and him.

I’ve seen it over and over again, and it’s the biggest destroyer of relationships …

The only thing a man needs is …


Uncertainty creates suspense, as in “will they or won’t they?”

how to make a guy fall in love with you 1 # 1 that men get away with and how to keep him interested

“What’s wrong with her anyway? Boy, Hitchcock has nothing on her …”

Here are some of the best “fly / don’t fly” TV shows:

  • “Remington Steele”: Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist
  • “True Blood”: Eric and Sookie
  • “Muppet Show”: Kermit and Miss Piggy
  • “Sex and the city”
  • “The office”
  • “Moonlight”
  • “The X Files”
  • “Hello” – Sam and Diane …

This list could go on and on forever.

And I didn’t even mention it the biggest of the last 20 years ….

Remember the show “Friends”? The huge will — they / they weren’t Rachel and Ross.

Yes, it is a kind of cliché that this type of plot device is a blatant manipulation.

All of these examples demonstrate the point: we need suspense in our relationships to drive passion and chemistry.

But ultimately, a woman needs commitment to become REAL. Tired of “do we want it or not?” and you need to know where this is going.

And the man too!

But if you do things TOO for sure – TOO “established” in the hope of attracting him to commit; you run the risk of short-circuiting your interest.

how to please your man 1 # 1 why men walk away and how to keep him interested

Cool your planes and play the long game … or else you might have fun running away …

At the beginning of the relationship, a man’s insecurities about whether you’re interested it was what drove him to chase you in the first place. Then you slept together and it became REAL. I knew you wanted it. Sex is the ultimate answer to this question.

And this is where a woman usually gives up too earlyhoping to throw it at one true love connection.

Can you imagine that when you sleep with him, he is yours. And you don’t want it to fall into any others seafood bed!

When, in fact, this actually short circuits the process of love in a man. You need to keep a guy in “chase mode” to make sure the connection is really solid and indestructible.

Right now, maybe you’re in a relationship and want to know if you’ve got it good and sticky.

If you want a man to love you, you have to create a real one CONNECTION To him…

Do you really love …?

Find out – CLICK HERE …

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