1 Weird Behavior That Makes You “Relationship Material” (Matthew Hussey & Stephen Hussey)

Society Is Finally Catching Up – Single by Choice!

It is so hard to make people understand why I am not married yet. It is a lifestyle choice to live alone and do it all on my own. For me personally, I have never been happier and never knew how hard I could push myself until I moved into my own condominium. I am living for the first time in a long time, without regret!

Why I Love Being Single

So I find myself on the other side of 30 and still bearing the name my father gave me! Probably not what I had in mind but that’s all I’m working with, as well as the pitying looks I get from my married friends, relatives and colleagues as I constantly rock up at events alone. The consolations “don’t worry you will meet someone one day”. The accusations of being too choosy! The encouragement to reduce my standards… (huh?)

How What a Women Does With Her Life Can Help Her Find a Better Relationship

Did you know that you may be walking around an incomplete person? We could be a half looking for a whole; without knowing it?

How to Look Your Best After A Break Up

It is absolutely normal to find yourself doing the most impossible things just to get back an ex girlfriend, most especially if you still love her so badly. You might even see yourself doing the things you would not normally do out of desperation and frustration. But there are many helpful tips on how to get an ex girlfriend back.

3 Things You Need To Know To Get Females Regularly And Easily

Is it in truth easy to attract females? The quick answer is yes, and you know what else? Females will like you even more things this way.

Classic Icebreakers – The Dental Floss Opener

If you’re like a lot of guys just starting out, your primary concern when thinking of approaching a woman is: “What the heck do I say?” I’m going to give you a few ideas about how to get a conversation started with a girl in a way that will get her attention. Come with me as I explore the mysteries of… The Dental Floss Opener.

Heal a Broken Heart in 90 Days or Less

Have you ever been in a relationship and everything was peaches and cream at the beginning? As time passed by, it seemed that the relationship started to take a nose dive to a place you never thought it could go. You find yourself silently wishing that he would stay out longer or roll your eyes at the site of his name popping up on your caller id.

Is Your Religion Hindering You From Attracting Mr Right?

The more I seem to work with my clients and talk with other single women one question that seems to come up on a regular basis is: How can I attract Mr. Right when my religious beliefs are getting in the way? Before I answer this question, let me just shed a little light about my background. I believe in God. (Regardless of what your religious preference please note that I am not judging you.) I grew up as a child practicing the Christian faith and I went to church every Sunday.

An Invitation to The Beautiful Sunset – Dating for People 50 Plus – To Be or Not To Be?

Years have gone by. You are now over 50. Behind you might be memories of past relationships and the effort that was put into bringing up children. Now you are on your own and pondering whether to pursue dating again.

3 Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Safe When You’re Getting Over a Breakup

Getting over a breakup can be dangerous because your thinking is usually not rational after a breakup and you might end up doing things that you’ll regret later. Usually, people make mistakes unknowingly, but by the time they realize their mistakes, it’s too late. You don’t have to end up like them. Below are 3 things you can start doing to keep yourself safe when you’re getting over a breakup.

How to Meet Women Easily

Most guys I know can’t find a decent women to save their life. They have nothing to live for in my opinion.

Alpha Male Characteristics – Learn How to Attract Beautiful Women to You for Hot Romance Easily

Are you worried about how to attract beautiful women for a date? With proper support and assistance every man can develop the alpha side of his personality. To aid you seduce women easily for a date, read on some of the alpha male characteristics that will help you to seduce any hot beautiful women instantly and get her felling you are the passionate man she has been dreaming and fantasying of.

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